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   Chapter 12 Problems

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When I got home, I found an invitation and a package at home. Sensing that it might be from Saphira, I hesitated.

She invited me to her party. I know she wanted me to be there with her that's why I asked a favor from Bill to take over the rest of my shift for tonight at the café. I was just supposed to go near the hotel and text her since I do not have anything to wear and I wouldn't want to embarrass her, but now that I am holding the classic black suit and light blue dress shirt, I debated whether I can do it.

I have never done this before. But I want to make her smile. Just knowing that my presence means a lot to her makes me feel funny. I'm starting to act like an infatuated guy, which shouldn't be. Not yet at least.

I got dressed seeing that I was already late, I took a cab and went to the La Verne Hotel where Saphira's party was in full swing.

When I arrived, I showed my invitation to the concierge and an usher led me to the ballroom. The entrance was elevated and it was strange that as I entered, all nervousness faded away and was replaced by confidence and anticipation because of her. I can't help but smile that she looks so innocent in a corner of the room somewhat hidden from the view, but from where I was, I saw her right away.

My breath almost caught up in my throat when I saw her radiating beauty and elegance. She is different from the shy and simple Saphira I know. She looks so pretty in her midnight blue gown, which accentuated her features, she tilted her head and I know she saw me. I pretended to not notice her but I confidently, well I pretended to confidently stride towards her.

I was nervous as hell and I don't even know why. When I reached her, I sat down on a seat beside her and that was when I had to do

the right connections. It must be beneficial for you to be friends with her. But that's just my observation."

It's a good thing nobody is hearing her derogative words. I just have to endure it since this is Saphira's party and I wouldn't want to make a scene even if I wanted to rip the smirk of this bitch face.

"What? Cat got your tongue? Why aren't you fighting me? Oh, I see now. You don't want to humiliate your friend on her party. Well, seeing that she must have spent a fortune on your suit, you really have to endure anything that will be thrown at you tonight."

Patience Franco. Patience. Yeah. Keep telling myself that.

"You know, Saphira is such a slut for thinking that she could dress you up and everything will be better. Is she any good in bed? Your whore. . .! Aaargh!"

I pulled her forcefully but closer to me, pretending to hug her then whispered furiously on her ears.

"I can swallow every demeaning words you said about me, but never degrade Saphira ever again. You're a liar. There is no other whore here but you."

Then I pushed her and turned away.

That was when I saw Saphira's tear streaked face and I know I have some explaining to do.

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