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   Chapter 11 Party

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One of the things I hate with being an only child is that I don't have anyone to bicker with, to play with or even to connive with.

Whenever I watch a TV show, read a book or see a movie about siblings, I have this strange longing to have my own brother or sister. A sister that will style my hair and do my makeup on special days like this. Or a brother who will be my escort or date as a last resort during parties.

Well, of course I am alone so I have to endure the laborious hair and make up from professional stylists in preparation for my post birthday party tonight.

"Dahhling, pleaze do not move zo much or elze we will not be able to finizh in time."

"Oh. Zorry, I mean Sorry."

"Uh uh uh. . . don't look yet, I wantz you to zee yourzelf when I'm done and not before. . ."

"Owkaaaay. . ."

After a few, okay geez, after feeling like I am in infinity and beyond, my hair and make up was done.

A group of model like girls entered the hotel room and helped me into my ball gown.

It was a midnight blue Badgley Mischka strapless lacey gown, which complements my green eyes. It was stunning. I can't believe that I will be wearing such an elegant gown.

Finally, my stylist Zandro, it was really Sandro but I have gotten used to saying it the way he does, let me look at myself in the mirror.

What I saw shocked me. I almost did not recognize myself. The hair and makeup was simple and classy. Just the way I like it.

"Oh! Zhank you very muzch! I look pretty!"

"You're welcome Zaphira and remember, you are alwayz alwayz pretty! You are gorgoeuz!"

"Thank you!"

I just had to hug him.

"Tata! Come on, everybody'z waiting for the belle of ze ball!"

Praise all the angels above for guiding me all throughout my grueling travel down the winding staircase.

This will be one of my accomplishments for this year. Not making a fool of myself by tripping on the hem of my gown and falling flat on my face.

I was introduced to

said my subconscious which I really have to teach some values when I find the time.

"Come on, I have something to show you but I have to say goodbye to my parents first, else they may have another party, a search party just for me."

"What a lame joke but sure, I'll wait for you here. Aww!" I flicked his nose once more.

"I can't help it you're being so. . ."


"Just stay there and wait for me." He held up his hand to help me stand and I took it, our faces inches from each other because of my improved height.

"Yes my Princess."

I looked at him and saw his green eyes darken for a while. I guess I am just imagining things.

Now, I have to pull this off otherwise my night is over.

Finding my parents took longer than usual and bidding goodbye is harder.

"Mom, I have to go, my feet hurts so much and I would like to rest now. I'll go home so I can be more comfortable. Please mom?"

I grabbed the chance when she was most likely not to complain, when she is busy with entertaining the guests.

"Okay darling, take the limousine. Your father and I will be staying here tonight. Just sent the driver back tomorrow morning."

"Thanks Mom."

After giving her a kiss, I hurried back to where I left my best friend waiting and nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

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