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   Chapter 10 Hope

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Franco waited until the river of tears where all the pain and frustrations I was feeling dried up.

"Are you feeling better now? I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to make fun of you. I am just. . ."

I was still pressed to him and it made me feel comfortable and calm.

"I'm fine now. It's not your fault. I'm just over sensitive I guess."

"Saphira, I hope you know that you don't need to suffer all the time. We can beat them up whenever you're ready. Beat those guys who makes you feel miserable."

"I can't help it. I just want them to stop looking at me in a bad way. My only fault is that I let them. But I can't fight back. I will just wait for the right time."

"If you can't fight them, I will. For you."

"No one can fight my battles for me. In the end, it will still be me who will lose. I just need to find the courage."

"I want to help you." He gently let go of his hold on me so he could face me and look at me directly.

"Just being with me and listening to me is more than enough for me."

"If ever I will be given a chance to protect and defend you, to make things better, I will. I just want you to know that."

"I know. Even if you don't tell me, I know."

We were silent for a few minutes, just looking at each other's eyes.

"Franco, will you attend the party? I can endure it if you were there."

"I was not invited."

"I can invite you. It's my party after all."

"Saphira, even if I want to come I can't I have work even on weekends. And I already took a leave on your birthday."

"Please?" I can see his resolve breaking each time I say the word please at him. It was one of the powerful words I use to get my bestfriend to do what I wanted.

"I'll try. But please don't keep your hopes up. I may not really make it." He smiled and caressed my ch

s make her smile some way or another.

I don't know how I came to care for her this deeply but when I saw her the first time at the library, lonesome and isolated, I felt something strange. It was like I needed to approach her. There was this imaginary string pulling me towards her. And now that imaginary string became a solid steel chain. Her pull on me is ultimately strong now. Even if I want to escape, I know I can't.

If she only knew how much I care about her she will not think that she will ever be alone. I hope that she knows how I wish to banish every fear, every hurt and insecurities that she have. To seal the tear ducts on her eyes with constant laughter and happiness.

Before I transferred to Brent Kelley International School, I only have one goal, and that is to get in a good college to ensure that I will have the best background and credentials in pursuing my dream of building my own business empire.

I am a dreamer. When I dream, I dream big. But now, my goals shifted. I can't just dream to build a better future. I have to do my best to gain the best life. For me, my mom and Saphira. I will make it my life mission to be worthy to be with her.

I just have to.

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