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   Chapter 9 Hurt

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A week after my birthday surprise, my parents arrived from their trip abroad. They had some party coordinators setup a party for me. Previously, the parties were only for my parent's business partners and my mother's political colleagues and close family friends. I was usually bored to death. There were times when I thought my ears were bleeding from so much political terms and current events discussions.

This year the coordinators made it more painful for me. They invited my teachers and schoolmates. To add insult to injury, I was not aware of the guest list and that the invitations were already distributed until the day of the celebration.

At the school Ladies' Washroom, I overheard someone talking.

"Were you also invited to the Geek Queen's party?"

"Yeah. Almost half of the school was invited."

"The biggest hotel will be catering her party. That hotel takes almost a year to book. I wonder how the hell did they pull that party."

"Heellooww! Her mother is a senator?! Her father is one of the richest people in the world?!"

"I know I know. What a way to rub it in our faces!"

"Who does she think she is! Inviting us to her party we're not even friends with her."

"Maybe she thinks we will like her now that she sent us some invitation."

"I heard her mother's fellow senators will be coming and so as her father's business partners."

"I bet billionaires and some celebrities will also be there."

"That is the reason why my parents insisted that I go and attend. They said it will be a good start for my career."

"That's the exact thing my parents told me. Their family is very influential."

"What? So you girls are thinking of attending her party?"

"I don't have a choice. I am forced to."

"That Saphira witch is getting bolder and bolder. I think that friend of hers is making her think she is more spec

ather happy that I was making him laugh that much.

"Hahahaha. . . its hilarious really. So. . . .rry. . . I just. . . can't. . . stop. . .laughing. Awwwww! Why do you hit me with your bag! That's heavy!"

As much as I enjoy seeing him smile and hearing him laugh, I just needed to do that.

"You dimwit! Stop laughing at me. You're supposed to make me laugh and now you're making fun of me."

It was weird how one second I wanted to laugh with him and then started crying. I don't know why I did but I was just so tired of trying to be strong. My parents did not even ask me if I wanted to have a party. They did not even ask me who I wanted to invite. They did not care about how I would feel.

"Hey. . . I'm sorry. Please don't cry. Saphira. . . Shhh. . . I'm here for you always."

He pulled me sideways into a hug and I cried on his shoulders. He stroked my hair to comfort me.

I cried for every hurtful thing I heard about me.

I cried for every party thrown for me that I never even enjoyed.

I cried for still wanting to feel the love and care of my parents.

I cried for still hoping that other people will understand me.

I cried for still hoping that everything will be better.

I cried for being so weak.

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