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   Chapter 8 To Happiness

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Updated: 2018-01-21 19:03

When I woke up, I felt strong arms on me and I heard strong steady beats of a drum. Wait, was that a drum? When I looked up I saw the gorgeous face of my bestfriend, peacefully sleeping, arms draped around me in a protective manner that made my heart flutter.

This is the first time that I looked at him thoroughly. I've always known him to be good looking. The first time I saw him I thought I was imagining someone talking to me. He seemed like a Greek warrior God that was sent down from Olympus to protect the people. His most prominent feature was his nose. So perfect and manly. And his green eyes that always looked at me with tenderness. If he was not my friend, I would really want to be his girlfriend. But of course, this is just my fantasy. I will always be just a friend to him and I will always cherish that no matter what.

When I tried to move away from him, he pulled me closer and murmured something but I was not able to hear clearly, I just heard the words hold and ever. I looked at the time and it was past 11 am. We slept for more than two hours. But I don't mind. Whenever I am with him, time is irrelevant.

After a few minutes, Franco woke up. He smiled at me and kissed my

just did this for you. I won't do this for a living coz its tiring as hell!"

I can't help but laugh at him and be so touched by his efforts. He really overdid himself this time.

"Thank you for today. This is my best birthday ever." I hugged him and he embraced me in return.

"Anything for you Saphira. Anything."

The rest of the day passed by with just us chatting and sometimes bickering about simple stuff and after a while we will just laugh it all off.

We went home after watching the sun set, which was also one of his surprises. The view from one side of the park was perfect. The way the orange horizon reflected on our eyes as we look into each other was pretty romantic, if we were lovers I mean.

My 17th birthday was the happiest time of my life, thanks to my best friend.

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