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   Chapter 7 Garden

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I woke up from the incessant ringing of my cellphone and land line phone.

How Franco managed to make both phone lines ring was beyond me.

I chose to answer the cellphone since that was where his handsome face was flashing on the screen.

"Yeah? So early. . ."

"Wake up sleepy head! It's five am! Get up and get ready! We have a long day today."

"Aaaarrggghhh! Five am?! Really? Do you realize that all people are still asleep at five am!"

"Do you want me to remind you and sing happy birthday again? Come on get up. I have the entire day planned."


I tried to sleep again but I forgot he was still on the line. And he blew some kind of horn. The one used during new year.

"Alright alright! I'm getting up! Geez! So annoying!"

I was just whispering but I guess he heard since he was laughing at the other end of the line.

"Ill call you in an hour when I'm already at the bus stop. I changed my mind, you can bring your guards and driver with you. I don't want you to get into trouble on your birthday."

"Owwkaaay. . ." I was yawning when I answered him.

"You're too cute for your own good. Now go shower birthday girl!"


At exactly six am we arrived at the bus stop. It was just four blocks away from our house and we found Franco waiting with two huge baskets and a large backpack.

I wonder what's on those.

I got off the car to greet him but he just ignored me and whispered something to the driver and to the bodyguard. Since it was my birthday, they allowed me to bring only one guard today.

When he finally turned to me, he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.

"Happy Birthday Saphira!"

I felt lightheaded from his gesture but I just tried to ignore it. I guess I was short on sleep.

"Thank you."

"Come on get in."

He reopened the backseat of the SUV we were using and assisted me to get inside before getting in himself.

One thing I always admire about Franco is his

All this food?!! These are all my favorites! I don't remember telling you all this. All you know is that I loved burger but the rest of the food here? Amazing!"

"I told you I did my research. Now, come back here and sit down so we may have our breakfast."

We were eating happily chatting about random stuff.

"Who made all these? Everything was delicious!"

"Ahem! Me of course!"

"No way! How did you manage to cook all these? You even baked my favorite Danish and pastries and made eggs benedict! Even the Caesar salad was divine!"

Excitement and appreciation flowed out of my mouth in waves. I saw him blush and I just found it cute that he will blush from all my complements.

"You're blushing!"

"I'm not!"

"Look at your ears they're all red!"

"Franco is blushing. Franco is blushing. . . hey hey hahahaha. Stop! Hahahaha ill stop please stoop. . ."

He was tickling me at my sides and I was laughing so hard my eyes started to water from excessive laughter.

When he stopped, I relaxed and stretched my legs and lied down. Looking up the majestic blue skies with white puffy clouds.

Franco did the same thing. He took my hands and everything was peaceful. Without any words, we know that this day will be perfect. We closed our eyes and unknowingly drifted to sleep.

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