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   Chapter 6 Reminiscing

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Before I went to sleep that night, I remembered that one time Franco and I went to the zoo. He brought me there to cheer me up after one of the encounters with my bullies.

"Saphira Castello, you think you are better than us now that you have a minion?"

"Francine, I don't want a scene. Please just leave me alone."

"Oh really? Well girls, the princess knows how to fight back now that she has a knight in shining armor! Or should I say knight in peasant's armor?"

"Hey! Don't you insult my friend! I am not doing anything to you why do you always pick on me?"

"Just your mere existence annoys me. Can't you feel you are not wanted here? We don't want someone who thinks she is above all of us. Such a snob self centered bitch! A teacher's pet! You are everything I hate in student. All righteous and mighty!"

I should have continued answering back and fighting for myself but I was always fearful of confrontations like this. It was hurtful knowing that someone hated me even if I tried hard to be the best person that I can be.

I tried to leave but she pulled my hair.

"Awwww! Francine please. . ."

"Let go of her!"

Francine pushed me hard to the lockers and I hit my forehead.

"Ooops! Hey! Let go of me! Are you gay fighting with a girl like me?! Why did you push me?"

Franco pushed Francine hard. Being head cheerleader, she was fast. She was able to steady herself before she could fall face flat on the floor. I wished I could have been that fast so my head will


"You're too kind for your own good. But sure come on."

We had so much fun that day. Franco brought me to the Zoo and Bird Park. I was fine at first, so delighted to be there for the first time that I forgot I have pet allergies. One of the reason for not being able to go there before.

I was laughing from his animal jokes and his making funny faces to imitate the gorillas. He even tried to feed the giraffe even if the signs indicate "Do not feed the animals."

It was on the dog and cat section of the zoo when I felt my eyes turned watery and I have been sneezing uncontrollably. My face and neck turned all red and I remembered I am allergic to pets.

"Saphira, what's wrong? Are you sick?"

"I hab awergies."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I fowgot"

"Do you have medicine with you?"

"In da cawr."

I was holding my pinching my nose as it was turning all watery on me.

"Come on, times up, lets get you treated."

And that was how my first zoo experience ended.

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