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   Chapter 5 Sadness

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"Saphira, we won't be able to come home this week. Your father and I have a conference with the investors in Paris."

"It's okay Mom. I guess I just have to spend my birthday alone."

"Birthday? Is it your birthday today? Beverly! What day is it today? How come you did not remind me that it's my daughter's birthday!"

I heard my mom scolding her personal assistant and I forced myself not to cry. She seriously forgot my birthday.

I thought when she called it was to greet me since they have promised to be home this week.

"Its alright mom. It's my 17th birthday in a few minutes. You're in a different time zone remember."

"Saphira honey, just go out with your friends, have a party or book a restaurant. We just can't go home for your birthday. We are really busy and we don't have time to fly there. If you want a grand party we can do that when we return."

"It's okay mom. No need for a celebration. I will just stay at home and study we have exams next week."

"Oh. That is better honey. You should study harder, you will be graduating soon and being Valedictorian is an honor. Your father and I were both Valedictorians on that school."

"I'll do my best mom."

"Saphira, I really have to go. Have a happy birthday and we love you!"

"Love you too mom. Take care. Good. . ."

The line went dead before I can even say goodbye properly. I guess they were really very busy.

Oh well, I just have to sleep this sadness off. Even the maids forgot my birthday.

Ever since my old Filipina nanny died two years ago, I felt more alone than ever.

My parent's were always busy. Even before my mother became a politician, they were always busy with the family business. They were always travelling and leaving me with the maids and my nanny.

"Elvira, take care of Saphira while we are away. Don't let her go out the garden and play. She will get all dirty and we can't let her be sick now. And her heart condition is very serious. Don't forget that."

"Yes madam, I will take care of her."

"Nanay, why do they always leave me behind? Why can't they bring me with them on their trips?"

"They are preparing for your good future. They need to work hard to provide and give you everything you need."

"But I also need them Nanay. I can't even spend a weekend with them. Even eating a meal together is very seldom."

"Now now, don't cry. Come on. We will bake a cake for your birthday! It's your birthday tomorrow! Did you forget?"

"How can I celebrate if my parents did not even remember."

"Of course they remembered, they planned a party for next week when they return."

"A party for me again? But their parties were always for grown ups. No kids my age even go and you know I don't have any friends."

"Well, I'll be your friend for now. I will always be with you Saphira. Don't ever forget that."

I remembered my nanny Elvira like it was just yesterday when I last hugged her.

Two years ago, she went home to the

Philippines for a two months vacation.

When I reached out to her family when she did not came back, they told me that she suffered a heart attack that caused her sudden death.

Crying has been my outlet whenever I am sad and now Nanay Elvira is not here to make me happy on my birthday.

I was crying my heart out at my room. Feeling all gloomy and sad when the phone rang. Who could be calling me at 12 midnight?


"Saphira? Are you crying? What happened to your voice?"

"Hi best friend. I'm fine. Just a cold. Why are you calling in the middle of the night?"

"Are you sure you're fine? I can meet you if you want."

"Nah. I'm good now that you called. So what can I do for you?"

"You can smile for me when I greet you a very haaaaappppyy biiiiiiiirrrrttthhhhhdaaaaaaaaaay! Wait, ill sing for you. Ehem. . . Happy Birthday to youuuu. Happy Birthday to youuu. . . . happy birthdaaaaaay haaaapppy birthdaaaaay. Haaaaaappppy Biiiiiirrrrthdaaaaay toooooo youuuuu. . . ."

I can't help but smile from his sweetness.

He remembered my birthday!

"Of course I remembered! How can I forget my best friend's birthday!"

"Did I just say that out loud?

"Yes you did. You whispered it too loudly."

"But how did you know that it's my birthday today? I don't remember telling you that."

"I did my research. Anyways, I took a leave from work today so we can celebrate together."

"Can you just come here at my house? We can swim here or just eat lunch and dinner? Or even breakfast?"

"Saphira, it may be your birthday but I still can't go there. Not yet at least. And besides, I already planned our day and you will have lots of fun I promise!"

"Oh. Alright. So where do we meet? Do I bring a driver or I can just drive us?"

"Just go to the bus stop at 6 am and wear something comfortable like sneakers or anything for walking. Just tell your guards to drop you off and they can follow us from there. We will have an adventure today bestie!"

"Are you sure I can survive this adventure of yours? The last time you asked me to go out on an adventure with you, I got sick."

"Well you didn't tell me you were allergic to furry animals! If you did then none of that would have happened! But now, I did my research well and I'm sure you will love me, I mean, my surprise for you."

"Hmmmm. . . owwkaayy. . . so I'll just see you later?"

"Yes. I can't wait to see your face when you see my surprise."

"I can feel your excitement at the other end of the line. Thank you Franco. Thank you for cheering me up as always."

"Don't thank me yet. But you will always be welcome. Now, go and have your beauty sleep. I'll wake you up early. I know how you hate waking up early on a weekend."

"No need to wake me up. I'll be up even before you call."

"Let's wait and see now shall we? Good night Saphira. Happy Birthday."

"Thank you Franco. Good night."

Now sadness, leave me be as I will now have my Happy Birthday.

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