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   Chapter 4 Someone

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The next day, I came back to my place at the library. This has been my spot. Away from the prying eyes and venomous mouth of my school mates. This is my hiding place. Here I spend my break time and any free time from my classes.

I was confused when I arrived there and a long stem of white rose was on the table with a note on it.

Saphira, My peace offering.

Let's be friends. Please?


I smiled. Yes, for the first time I really smiled. It was nice to smile for a change.

Who would not smile from those simple words? Simple yet sincere.

"I'm so lucky today to see your smiling face."

If blushing is a sin, well, now I am guilty as charged.

"Franco, you didn't have to give me a peace offering or anything. But thanks anyway."

"So, are we friends yet?"

I tried to look for any sign that he was just joking or pranking me, but I couldn't find any.

"Well, given that I do not have any choice or say on the matter, I guess we are."

He sat in front of me and took out a notebook from his back pack.

"So, friend, I reviewed our schedule, all the classes we are seated together as Briones, Franco and Castello, Saphira. Ahhh. . . it's a great thing everything here is in order. In alphabetical order to be precise! But, I was wondering for Physical Ed, I did not find your name. Why is that?"

"Directress, I would donate ample amount to your scholarship foundation or any charity that you wish, just ensure that my daughter Saphira will NEVER play any sports while she is enrolled on this school. . . . That is the imaginary dialogue I conjured of my mother when she demanded from the school head that I be exempted from PE classes. That was after my heart surgery when I was in 4th grade."

He looked at me with concern. I was thinking, how can he look concerned when he just met me yesterday?

"Oh. You mean, you have a heart condition?"

His words were worried and sincere. Some of the many things that I am starting to like about him.

"I think I'm already cured after the surgery but the doctors still want me to be careful to avoid the hole that was once in my heart to open up again."

"What was the problem with your heart?"

"I had a hole in my heart, I nearly died based on the st

ories of my mother."

"I see, hmmm. From now on, I will be your body guard slash friend."

He said that with so much conviction that I was not able to keep myself from smiling. Wow. I have been smiling a lot since I met him. This must be my lucky day.

"Franco, I have two bodyguards outside this school who follows me everywhere I go. Being my friend is enough. Thank you for your concern."

I was shy to admit that it was nice talking to someone else for a change. The only friends I have were our maids and the guards that seldom respond to my attempt at conversation.

In school, just talking to me will seal the fate of anyone. Because the bullies here in school always pick up tongue lashing session at me whenever they have the chance.

He just smiled at me and I smiled back. At that moment, I promised myself that I will try and do everything to make our friendship stronger and last a lifetime.

"Let's just study then we can head back to every class together. Wouldn't it be nice to be with a cute guy like me for a change?"

"Haha. Don't be so full of yourself Mr.! But yeah, I guess it would be nice to have someone to walk with on the lonely corridors. I have never had any friends here even if I have been here all my life."

The sadness in my voice may have been eminent since he moved closer to me and held my face up to look into my eyes."

"I swear to you Saphira, from now on, I will always be here for you and ummm. . . we will have lots of fun!"

I can't stop myself from laughing as he was winking his eyes comically at me.

"Thank you though you don't need to do anything for me. But let me warn you, just by talking to me, you already sealed your fate. You may be the second hatest person on this freaking school by now."

"I really don't care. I came here to study and I don't think that me, being the poorest guy here will have any friends anyway. I'm just lucky I have you now."

I did not mean to blush but I was really touched by his words, his sincerity was overwhelming.

"Geez, you're so cheesy for a guy! Come on new found friend, let's study on our way to greatness!"

"And so we shall!"

I guess I really found someone to share my weirdness. I just hope this will be forever

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