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   Chapter 2 The two of us

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"Franco, its me Saphira."

"Of course I know its you! That is what caller IDs are for. This birthday gift of yours is pretty neat not to mention your face that seem to flash unending on the screen whenever you calls."

"Dummy! A simple Hello would have sufficed but you had to blabber all that nonsense!"

"Hello Saphira. How can I be of help to you today?"

"You're such an ass do you know that? But speaking of help, can you go out with me today? I need someone to talk to."

"Sorry, bestie but I have work at the café today. Bill got sick and I had to fill in. But since you are my favoritest person in the whole wide world. I can meet you at 5 pm, after my shift."

"Franco, there is no such word as favoritest."

"You really are a smarty pants aren't you?"

"Haha. Funny. Okay I can just meet you there later after your shift. I will just do some of my chores here at home."

"Chores? How come you have chores again when you have 6 maids running around your four storey house?"

"Correction. Three storey."

"Gotcha! I knew you'll correct me. You always do!"

"Silly! You know I want to do stuff on my own. I'll be doing my laundry today and then clean my room."

"Room?! You call a quarter of your floor a room? Are you sure you can finish that by 5 pm? I may just spend my forever waiting for you here."

"How can you tell that quarter of the floor is my room, you haven't even seen our house!"

"You told me that your room occupies most of the top floor so I just know that you have a huge room to clean."

"Franco. . ."

"Alright then, just text me when you're on your way. Enjoy your CHORES!"

"Bye dummy!"

We may bicker a lot but he will always be my source of amusement, well, my only source of fun, friendship, my source of everything, to be exact.

This is a routine Franco and I established on our more than 1 year of friendship. We hang out a

lot whenever we have spare time. Our usual bonding session is studying, we are study buddies and academically, we are indestructible when we are together.

He was a transferee student from a public school on our senior year. Due to his excellent academic standing, he was given a slot at the International School where I was the top student since 1st grade. One of the reasons why I do not have any friends, I focused more on my studies and neglected any invites to socialize. As I have said, I have to uphold our family name's legacy.

Our history together was like a steady but steep roller coaster ride.

"I'm Franco Briones, Hi!"

"Are you talking to me?"

"Yes, who else is here in the Library at 7 am in the morning but us?"

"Oh. Hi then. Saphira. Nice to meet you, I guess." I answered him without really looking at his face.

"Won't you even acknowledge my presence by looking at me and shaking my hand which has been extended and waiting for your infinite grace for more than 5 minutes now?"

When I lifted my head to look at him, I was shocked by how good looking he was. I wonder how on earth could he be talking to me if he was this good looking? I was momentarily transfixed on his gorgeous green eyes that seem to drown me with its depth, his pink lips which draw my gaze. Even his unruly dark brown hair fits him perfectly.

"Earth to Saphira. and may I please have my hands back?"

I immediately let go of his hands that I did not even remember taking. I must have really looked like a love stricken fool that day. I was lucky he did not pay attention to my shameful behavior that day and never did mention it again.

"You look really good. I mean, good to meet you. Ahhm. . . I'll just see you around!"

I immediately packed up my things and left the library hoping that I will not meet him again.

But, fate as always, never answered any of my wishes.

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