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   Chapter 1 My Life

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Growing up as an only child was not easy. Expectations were high. I have no one to depend on but myself whenever my parents were out of town for their respective jobs. I grew independent not because I had to but because I wanted to prove to myself that I can always survive whatever circumstances life throws my way.

Being Saphira Zobel Castello will always be a challenge. Not only do I have to live up to the fame of being the only heiress of a shipping magnate but also because of the influence of having a mother who is a senator.

"Saphira! Please come down here at my office this instant."

I heard my mom's voice in my room's intercom. Yes, since our house is huge, three-storey high with 10 bedrooms, the use of intercom is essential.

"Coming Mom!"

Both of my parents have their own office at the first floor where they stay most of the time whenever they are at home.

"Mom, you called?"

"What is this?"

I looked at the piece of paper she was holding and I knew that I am in deep trouble.

"An invitation to my graduation?"

"I am very disappointed in you Saphira. How can you let this happen? Weren't you studying all the time? Do we need to hire a tutor for you?"

"Mother, I am doing well in school."

"Doing well? Is this what you call doing well?"

"Mom, please calm down."

"How can you let yourself be on top 2 of your class when you could have been the Top 1?! I have not raised you to be second best!"

I should have been hurt by her outburst but that is just a normal thing to hear from her every time I did not meet or surpass their expectations.

"I'm sorry mom. I really tried my best, but I guess someone else is better."

"Nonsense! You can't say you TRIED your best if you are not on top! And don't ever admit that someone else is better than you! You are a Zobel and Castello! You are a descendant of a family of achievers. . ."

As she recited her verses, I did too, simultaneously in my mind since I have memorized her lines a long time ago.

". . .greatness and intellectual beings unsurpassed by even the most prestigious names in


"Mom, we cannot do anything now. I have done the best I could and besides, the one on top has a scholarship and he needs to graduate Valedictorian so he could have free tuition fees at any school that he applies to. And please don't try to meddle on this as the results were already printed, the school will lose its credibility if you will try to change my rank into number one again as you did the previous time."

"Saphira! Are you even listening to yourself? Why should I care if he is the reason you are behind in your class!? And. . . and I did not meddle with any of your school rankings!"

"Mom, being second place out of 250 hard working students in a prestigious school is not being behind my class. Mom, I know what you did. I heard you talking to someone on the phone the last time."

I remembered when I was on my freshmen year. I heard my mother on the phone.

"Director Gomez, I am sure you know my connections and it will not be good for your school's reputation to decline my request. If you can make my daughter be the first on her class this year, it would give great honor to me and my husband."

"Marvelous! I will deposit my regular donation to your scholarship foundation next week. Thank you."

Because of that, I vowed to always study harder to ensure my slot in the top spot. So that my mother will not use her influence again.

Going back to the present time, I think I should have kept my mouth shut as my mother's face is now livid and turning red in anger.

"Enough! Stop reasoning with me otherwise I will send you to a European Boarding school!"

I know I should have kept quiet but I am near my limit.

"Mother, you cannot send me to Boarding school. You need me here with you and Dad. I am your only child, how can you send me away just because I answered back?"

"I did not raise you to be disrespectful and disobedient! Get out of my face now before I lose control of myself!"

Sighing and accepting the fact that she will never change, I went out of the room and called my best friend who means the world to me, my only friend.

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