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   Chapter 39 Family

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Alex and Marco would have traded anything to avoid the situation they were in. Red continued on and explained the mechanics of the last test.

"I will explain the rules of this final duel but before that, you both have to choose someone from your group. Alex?" Alessandra looked at Red as he asked and nodded.


"Good choice Boss. Marco?"

Denaris approached without being called.


"See? You don't even have to call me." Marco never took his gaze away from Alex even with Denaris' remarks. He was lost in thought on how to overcome the challenge. The weight of the Yumi bow and arrow he was holding was getting into his nerves.

"Now that you have chosen your partners, let's begin. The rule is simple, aim at the target and shoot the arrow. You will both be blindfolded and be given only one chance to fire. You have to trust your partner's instruction because they will tell you where to aim. Since you are both leaders, your men decided to be more considerate to your safety. You will not aim at each other but at an object beside your opponent. If you miss by a few inches and hit each other that is beyond our control. Now, we have to move to a wider place for this. . .shall I say, event."

Alex closed her eyes and willed herself to calm down. Their groups were playing with Marco and her feelings. They were testing how the two of them will react in endangering each other's lives. This is a test of loyalty and trust at the expense of the life of the one she loves.

Alex and Marco went to ride in separate vehicles to transfer locations. Denaris was silently examining Marco's stoic expression. He knew the preparations he did to learn everything in just a span of days. He held his wounded arm that thankfully had stopped bleeding. This will be his challenge, holding a Yumi in place will be trickier if his arm will hurt in the process.

Alex worries the same thing, she thought about Marco's arm and she looked at Rodel whose eyes were closed.

"Why do you have to slash his arm like that? You could have just. . ."

"Alex, we play by the rules. Just trust him and of course me. You'll thank me in the future for this." Rodel whispered too low that Alex did not hear. She was preoccupied in thinking how she will pull this off. She hasn't held a Yumi Daikyu in over a decade. She can't risk Marco's safety but she knew there is no other way.

When they reached a football stadium, Alex wondered how they prepared everything in just a short time. How her group carried all the weapons they used during the duels and challenges are a mystery to her. The targets were being set up 100 yards away from each other. They were positioned just two inches beside the lighted target, four black circles and the illuminated red one in the middle as their aim. If they missed their marks, their shoulders will b

his hands all the way up and cupped and fondled her breasts while he dipped his tongue on her ear and whispered.

"I don't intend to. . . I missed you so much. . . can't you tell? Let's get out of here before I lose control. . ." He continued exploring her body with his hands. They can feel the heat of their bodies even with the barriers of their clothing.

"I love you Marco. I have always loved you and will forever will."

"Believe me baby. . . I know you do. . . and I will never. . . let you forget that. . . I hope you know that. . . I feel the same way." He said in between kissing her lips, dominating her mouth with his tongue.

"Everything that happened today. . . made me realize how serious you are. You risked your life for me. . .to be with me."

She giggled as he carried her bridal style and walked towards the exit.

"I will do everything and anything for you my love. . .forever. . ."

He stopped and put Alex down when they reached the red Maserati that was waiting for them at the exit. He took a ring from his pocket, kneeled down on one knee and nervously looked at Alex.

"I know this might be the lamest proposal of the century but I didn't have time to prepare and I was so worked up in trying to get you back but I think I can't let the day pass without asking you. . ."

"Yes! To whatever it is that you will ask, my answer is yes. But please, do continue. What was it you were saying?" Alex was smiling teary eyed as Marco looked at her with love and adoration.

"Will you be mine forever? Be my wife?"

"Yes and yes! Now stand up and kiss me!"

Marco obliged. He straightened and wrapped his arms around her. Sealing their fate together for a lifetime of love and bliss with a fevered kiss. They were strong when they were apart but with a love as powerful, pure and potent as theirs, they are unstoppable now that they will be together eternally.

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