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   Chapter 38 Final Duel

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Marco's first and second throws went well. His daggers hit the same spot that Rodel marked with his own blades. The third one was in an area too dark and too far from him that he missed just by a two centimeters. Rodel approached and slashed his right arm due to his first miss. It was just a surface wound but it was long and leaked with blood. It made his fingers slick and will make throwing the dagger ten times more difficult.

Denaris felt confident that Marco can ace the dagger test even when he missed the third throw. He trusts Marco with his life. He knew he would never fail him nor Alessandra.

As Alessandra watched, her ribcage almost break with the way her heart strongly hammered inside. As much as she wanted to help Marco overcome the challenges, she knew she just have to trust him and his skills. The stakes are getting higher and higher. She's not only endangering the love of her life but the people surrounding him as well.

Once Rodel hit the apple on top of Red's head, Marco prepared himself for the final throw. Marco inhaled and held his breath before exhaling slowly, calming himself in the process. He parted his legs and prepared his stance. Raising his wounded right arm to test the weight of the dagger made his arm hurt and bleed more. Even if he wiped the blood with his shirt, he knew it would affect his aim. He decided to take a risk and use his left arm.

Denaris and Alessandra held their breaths as Marco wiped the bloodied dagger with his shirt and transferred it to his left hand. Rodel stepped back to give his opponent some space. When Marco raised his arm for the throw, Alessandra closed her eyes. A silent thud and the apple soared skivered by the dagger and sailed towards the container behind Denaris.

Rodel tapped Marco's shoulders. He completed the challenge. They went down to join their

o with the blade upheld. Marco dodged the first foreswing and met the second backswing with his sword. The Japanese strike quickly and sliced the fabric of Marco's shirt at the midsection, missing his flesh by a centimeter. Marco stepped backwards then sideways and blocked Hisayami's advances. All of Marco's attacks were always met with his opponent's sword. He tried another tactic, which seemed to work. With three long swings, two were meant to confuse, the last one, a backswing that sent his opponent's sword flying out of his grasp. Marco pointed his sword at Hisayami who held up his hands as a sign of defeat.

Tadamasa approached, bowed and offered his sword to Marco who nodded in response.

Nine members were done which means she is up next. As much as she would like to yield, as the leader of their group, she had to fight him and win.

Marco knew that as a Mafia boss trying to infiltrate another Mafia group, he had to downthrow their leader to emerge not only as a part of their group but to be part of the top ranks.

Alessandra stepped forward and so did Marco. Their gaze fixed at each other. Red approached and gave them both the chosen weapon for the final test.

The test to determine their future.

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