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   Chapter 37 Battle

The Mafia Lies By magbmara Characters: 9555

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The long flight to Japan from Italy was pure torture for Marco. He thought about his rigorous late night trainings for the past week and it felt just as hell. Denaris made sure he will be equipped for what he was about to do.

When their private plane landed in Narita International Airport in Japan, Marco and Denaris went straight to the Edo Port of Tokyo for the first phase of their plan.

"Boss, the team is waiting for your command. Are you sure you are up for this? You can just kidnap her and be done with it."

With the pointed glare that Marco gave Denaris, the latter just laughed.

"Just kidding! Go and break a leg but not literally! Make me proud brother!" Denaris tapped Marco's back as a sign of support.

They waited for Alex and her group inside a container that looked like spy's haven with all the state of the art equipment. Cameras were set up all over the place as part of the plan. Alex and her team arrived to welcome the shipment of car parts and accessories from Europe. When Marco saw her from the screen, his heart pounded erratically as it always does whenever he caught sight of her.

Marco received an intel that another Japanese mafia mob will try to rob Yamakami-gumi's cargoes. He made sure to give the same information to Rodel and Red. He would turn every situation, no matter how dangerous to his advantage.

At least forty men surrounded Alex and her team.

"Are you sure you want to do this? This is a waste of my time. I have a lot of things to do." Alex looked at her fingernails as if seemingly bored. Marco can't help but stare at her gorgeous face.

"Marco, focus. We're waiting for your signal." Denaris whispered.

"Watashitachi no ikari o yokeru tame ni kōfukusuru. Anata to anata no gurūpu o hakai suru koto ga dekimasu." Surrender to avoid our wrath. We can destroy you and your group.

"I won't even ask someone to translate that for me since I think I got the point. If this is how you want our first meeting to be Mr. Nakarami, then so be it." With one swift move unanticipated by her enemies, Alex flicked her hands and two star blades emerged from the sleeves of her red hooded sweater. The shuriken stars were fast and struck through Mr. Nakarami's neck and forehead, and he stagged backwards to his men who were too shocked to move.

"Boss, are you sure you want to marry that amazona? I don't think she's human."

"Shut up Denaris! God, I love her. . ."

"You're the only man I know that gets turned on when his woman just killed a man with jus a wave of her hand." Marco could not afford to look at Denaris or even punch him like he wanted to at that moment. He was staring at his girl who, followed by her team, unblinkingly approached the bleeding Mafia Leader for her final warning.

"In case you survived, make sure our paths never cross again. I hate to waste my time

own and giving him three hard punches on the face. The man beneath him recovered and raised his upper body to head butt him. The notion was unexpected but Marco was not swayed. He continued to restrain Dos even as he tried to twist himself off from his hold. When he finally rolled over and regained his stance, Marco was waiting with a spinning back kick that landed on Dos' chest, followed by another kick to his face. This rendered the man to lose his balance, still conscious, Marco waited for another attack but Dos raised his hand with a thumbs up sign. That signaled the end of his win.

Rodel stepped up and challenged Marco in dagger throwing. Marco has a perfect aim but with he was still tired with his previous fight and he knew he had to give the task extra focus and attention. Red and him climbed one of the container vans. The challenge was more complicated than he imagined.

"To make things exciting, I will place this on top of my brother's head, and this will be the last mark. But for you, who will you sacrifice for this challenge?" Rodel smirked as he placed an apple on top of Red's head and looked at Marco whose chest were still heaving from exhaustion.

Denaris tried to walk backwards and hide but Marco called him.

"Denaris will be the man."

"Great. Here's what you have to do. You have to mimic all the throws I will make. Someone would mark the spots and you have to hit the exact same position that I would. One error will mean a slash to your arm, two errors, another lash, three errors and it's game over."

Marco nodded and the challenge begun.

From their position, and the dimness of the place, hitting the exact spot was extremely difficult. Marco need to do four throws, the fourth one is critical as it is on top of Denaris' head. One wrong move and he will lose not only his right hand man and friend but also the chance to be with Alessandra again.

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