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   Chapter 36 – Challenge

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One thing Alex declared when she assumed her role as leader was to tame down the killings. Not entirely eliminate as she understood the perils of dealing with the other mobs. The group will try to be more diplomatic and congenial with their dealings and meetings. She wanted to pursue her grandfather's dream of increasing their wealth in the conventional way. She remembered Marco's Mafia group. They focused on creating firearms and selling them to the military. Marco's group also have several casinos and restaurants as well as investments in hotels. They do not have illegal dealings especially drug trade. They prided their group as one of the most law abiding in terms of business. They can lash out to their enemies if needed but never intentional or from their side. They fight to survive.

Alex's group on the other hand needs some work. In the month of her reign, she already changed several of their rules. It's a good thing they do not deal with drugs or sex slavery. She just needed to remind her team that they are formed to protect and increase their wealth by legal means. One of her main focus is the car manufacturing factories that they have. They also have an armored car production that is top of the line. Their hotels, casinos and resorts all over Asia and America will also be her focus.

She wanted to lie low from information espionage and the assassination plots of their enemies. If she will remain their leader, they need to abide by her rules. It was not easy convincing them, but eventually she won them over.

Fighting for dominance with the second in command, Dos was not easy. But she managed to excel on it even with a few years of lacking in practice in man to man combat.

Alex reminisced her first week with her group.

"Alex, if I have known that you are still that good, I shouldn't have challenged you. It could have saved me all these body pain and the blow to my ego." Dos disclosed when he was already intoxicated by three bottles of vodka. After the fight that they had during their first meeting upon their return to Japan, Alex invited Dos and the elite ten of their group for a drinking session at one of their Clubs.

"Rene, it's fine. I would have been surprised if you just accepted me without any hostility or challenge." She seldom called Dos with his real name.

"Wow. The boss is calling me by my name. . .Ser

ttachment to his people sometimes clouds his judgment but he has learned from his mistake. With Denaris and his brother Justin's expertise, they were able to weed out the traitors. Total of a 200 from different sub groups were identified and dealt with in just a span of two weeks. It pained him to torture Brent for information but his betrayal almost cost Marco his sanity. Their connivance with Dimitri almost cost his families' safety.

After gruesome weeks of ensuring that only the loyal and trusted members are within their team, Marco planned and prepared for his next move to get Alex back.

"Denaris, is everything according to plan?" Marco was worrying about their meeting. He's not sure whether Alex would still want to see him.

"Boss, you've asked that for the fourth time! Yes. Everything and everyone is ready except for you. Are you sure you're prepared? This will all be for nothing if you can't deliver."

"I just want to be sure."

"Marco, you've been restless since last night. I think you need to sleep. You need your strength. You can't win her back if you will be frail and weak on your next meeting."

"I am not frail or weak and you know that! Fine! I'll sleep. Wake me up when we're almost there."

Marco will not admit that he is nervous in seeing Alessandra again. They were travelling from Italy to Japan to meet with Alex and her group. He could only think of one thing at that moment. He would win her back and by any means. When he retrieves Alex, Marco vowed to make it permanent. Not even a katana sword or shuriken blades can stop him.

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