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   Chapter 35 Groups

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Alessandra's biggest mistake in life was to deny herself of her birthright. For as long as she could remember, she convinced herself that she was not part of that family. It was easier to think that she was an assassin than a part of a mob that led to her parents' death.

She grew up in a small town in America. With the tutelage of her mother, she learned various martial arts techniques, range firing and her favorite, throwing stars or shuriken. Her mother, Akemi is the only daughter of Kazuo, the highest ranking leader of Yamakami-gumi, the largest organization in Japan with more than 10, 000 members. She fell in love and married an Italian. Her father disapproved of the marriage especially when he found out that the man who took her daughter's heart was a widower with two sons. Alex's parents thought they could hide from Kazuo and their enemies. Tragedy happened and her parents were murdered at their own home.

Alex, Paulo and Simone struggled to make ends meet when their parents died. Alex had to work and even took up drag racing as her sideline. Their lives were simple until the three of them received an invitation from an unnamed man who later turned out to be Kazuo. It was a straightforward request to join the Yakuza. The three of them declined but Kazuo does not acknowledge rejection. He made another offer but this time, solely to Alex in a disguise of an elite Assassin's group. She was lured with the pretense that as a reward of her agreement in joining the group, they would help her avenge her parent's death.

She trained hard and learned fast. She started from the lowest ranks then emerged as number one. Alex was not aware until her last year with her team that she was under her grandfather's wings and that she was part of a mob. She continued the pretense of taking lives of others and driving to do illegal dealings as she convinced herself that she was giving the world some justice.

Finally, she was assigned to kill Dimitri Deniro and was told that he was the one behind her parent's murder. She could still remember her discussion with her grandfather. He was a full blood Japanese but can speak English and Italian fluently. That was one of the reason Alex never learned to speak Japanese.

"Alex, when are you going to acknowledge that you are my only heir? I prepared you to take over my place. This is your birthright and you have proven yourself to this group countless of times."

"Boss, I can't live this kind of life. After this last mission, I want to quit and start over. The only reason I signed up is to avenge my parent's death. Now that you have given me the permission to perform this final assignment, I have to say goodbye."

"But you are my granddaughter. Haven't you realized by now that you are m

iving your life? You've been holed up in this office since you came back. You don't sleep, you seldom eat with us. Are you still mad at us for what happened?"

I thought about his question and I remembered how forgiving I have been to all of them. I just accepted their apologies like it was the normal thing to do. They wanted to cut another finger as a sign of their penance but I just told them I would ask another way of payment when the right time comes.

"One day, I will ask all of you for something which you have to agree upon and then we're even." Always the same answer whenever they asked how I felt about their betrayal.

"Alex, you don't have to suffer and be alone. There are ways to let him into our group. You just have to tell him that." Red knew that I hated to hear anything pertaining to Marco but still he can't keep his mouth shut.

"No! I chose to let him go and. . . he did the same. There is no point in trying to bridge a gap where there was no bridge to begin with."

"You know, before your grandfather died, he asked me how I felt about you. He thought I have a soft heart for you. In a way he was right, but not the same way he was vying. I am your friend Alex and I know how much you are hurting. I want you to be happy. You have suffered enough and deserve to be reprieved of all this heart ache. . .Why can't you. . ."

"I did not ask for your advice! I don't need your opinion. Just. . . please. . . Red, just leave me alone. I will go down when it's time to leave." I turned the swivel chair around to face the windows, hoping that Red will get the hint and leave the office.

"If this is what you want, Boss."

He left the room. I felt the tears that I have been fighting with for the past month started to pour.

My life was more miserable and my heart ten times broken now as it was before.

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