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   Chapter 33 Senses

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"Denaris, order the men to hide within the perimeter. I don't want them to intervene unless necessary. I don't want to lose anyone from our ranks."

"Copy Boss." Denaris followed Marco's orders. Alex saw him whisper on his headpiece probably to instruct the Mafia. She knew that worse case scenario will mean she has to face her ex colleagues. It would not be a fun filled reunion.

"Marco, I just got a call from Brent, they are near the safe house but there are several cars following them. They had to change routes. I have to follow them."

"Shit! Bring some men with you. But wait, how did they know about the safe house?" Marco and Lance both stopped in their tracks.

"That's what I was thinking. Something does not add up. It seems that the enemies are always one step ahead of us." Alex was a master of the art of betrayal and deceit. She thought about all the things that happened and tried to figure out who the traitor was.

"Marco, we have a spy with us." Alex looked at Lance but she can't see any indication that he would try to harm Marco and his family. Lance is part of the family and it is absurd to suspect him. But Denaris may have a motive.

"Denaris, who else knew about this location? Did you handle the transfer of the men to Luna or you asked someone from our team to do it for you?" Alex asked, trying to figure out if he is the culprit.

"Marco and I only trust Brent to do those kind of things. I was kind of busy in Italy manning the fort while the boss was away. I had to rely to others for some help." Alex knew a lie when she hears one and she proved that Denaris was telling the truth.

Marco figured out what Alex was trying to do. He cannot blame Alex. She did not know his history with Denaris. Marco's right hand man proved more than a dozen times already his loyalty and respect to him as a leader.

"Lance, what did Brent tell you? Check the tracing device. See where they are." Lance looked at his phone.

"This is fucking unbelievable! They're still here! I gave them express orders to. . .Shit! Marco, this means. . ."

"Yes brother, we have our traitor. Who else is with Brent?" Marco was shaking with rage. One thing he cannot tolerate is lies and betrayal especially amongst his most esteemed and well trusted men.

"Dustin and Hoff." Denaris answered before he took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Justin, we have been compromised. There's a traitor among the ranks. Weed them out but before that, go and rescue Marco's family from Brent and his team."

"Who was that? How can you tell if he can be trusted?" It was Alex who asked the question when Denaris ended the call.

"He's my youngest brother and I will skin him alive if he screw up this one. Don't worry Marco, Justin will pull this through. You know I trained him and his team for this."

Marco knew about Justin. He is Denaris' secret weapon and right hand man.

"Come on. We have to

ome closer but the click of rifles made him stop.

"Don't you dare shoot! Leave him alone!" Alex ordered the other group.

"Alex, are you going with them? What about us?" It pained Alex to see Marco, the man she love looking lost and desolate.

"Marco, I have to go with them. We could try and kill them and then what? Risk the safety of your family? I have scores to settle. Truth to unravel. I have been avoiding this for years. I felt hurt by their betrayal. They tried to kill me for heaven's sake! But in some way, they're right. I was the mastermind of all of these. I made this bloodshed happen just because I was afraid to face my destiny. I was caught up in my revenge and thirst for justice. I lost my brothers because of my pride and stupidity. They wanted to save me from the life they tried to avoid but I led them closer and into their deaths. Don't you see what I truly am Marco? I am a demon in disguise. I wreck havoc to everyone. You can't trust someone like me. You deserve so much more."

"Alessandra. . ." Marco tried to approach but the men that were now beside Alex pointed their weapons at him.

"Try to shoot and you will all be dead in two seconds! If you want me to be your leader, you better start listening to my orders!" Alex's voice was authority in itself. The Yakuza lowered their rifles. Denaris approached and pulled Marco towards him and Lance. He whispered something from his earpiece and Alex understood. She cannot let this happen. There had been too much bloodshed in one day. She cannot bear the thought of losing anyone else.

"Denaris! No! We will go now. Just, hold your fire! Marco, I. . .you know I love you."

The last words Alex uttered were carried by the wind and caressed Marco's ears. He could never forget her face when she looked at him for the last time. The love of his life walked out on him because of something that he thought would never catch up to him again. Mafia Lies.

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