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   Chapter 32 Revelations

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Hearing the gun fire made Alex look back. Rage and fear filled her as she saw Marco fall to the ground.

"You as*hole!" She wanted to go back to Marco but Dimitri held out his gun once more and aimed at Paulo.

"No!!! Please don't!" Alex pleaded but Dimitri knows no mercy. He fired two shots to her brother's head, instantly killing him. Looking back and forth to Marco and Paulo, Alex's body shook in a mixture of anger, fear and anguish. She felt useless and defeated. Her pain was a hundred times worse than the day she lost Simone.

"Paulo. . ." Alex thought her world collapsed as she saw her brother fall to the ground barely recognizable. She dropped to her knees.

"You thought you can just sashay your way to safety!? I want my revenge! I want you to feel every ounce of pain I felt when you ruined my life and killed my family!" Dimitri blew the tip of his gun then walked slowly towards Alex. She was kneeling and sobbing.

The men who were gathered around her parted and allowed their boss to approach. Dimitri kicked her shoulders and chest and she doubled over in pain. He pulled her up and punched her face, then her gut. She kept silent, not allowing herself to even utter a grunt or groan of pain. Her emotional anguish was far greater than the physical battery she was receiving.

Alex tried hard to regain her composure by thinking about Marco and his family. She can still save them if she can just save herself. She can grieve for her brother all she wants but she knew he would never come back. Her thinking mind came to play, she just hoped that she can execute her plan.

When she felt that Dimitri was losing interest in beating her up, she moved swiftly. She could die but she didn't care. All she wanted to do was kill that man who took the life of her brothers and made her life miserable.

With Dimitri's last kick to her face, Alex swiftly pulled his feet towards the side of her head and used the borrowed strength from her adrenaline rush to crush then twist Dimitri's balls with her free hand. Writhing in pain, he dropped his gun and tried to attack Alex. She was faster. She pushed him and took the dagger hidden on her boots. With her agility, she circled behind him, attacked and stabbed the knife into his neck. She twisted the knife and Dimitri's shout of pain was heard across the estate.

The men around her were too shocked to move. Everything happened too fast and too sudden. One moment, their boss was beating up the girl then the next thing they saw was their boss bleeding and a knife was protruding out of his neck. When they regained their common sense, they raised the

Lance, where is Cassie and the family?" He walked towards his brother and hugged him. He was too happy to see him.

"They're safe now don't worry. Brent and the others are with them and are now taking them to a safe place."

"Don't I get a hug? I saved them by the way." Marco turned to Denaris and punched him lightly on the shoulders.

"What took you so long?! We almost died!" He laughed at Denaris' pained expression but pulled him on a hug after a few seconds.

"We have to move now. The gun fires are starting to fade. They might realize where we are." Alex approached the three men. The two men looked at her and smiled. What could they be smiling at? She was all soaked with blood and all bruised up.

"You were great! I saw what you did from the cctvs! Now, we know what would happen to Marco if he strays. Aww! Save your punches for the enemies!" Lance complained as Marco pulled Alex away from him.

"You're such an ass! Come on. We have to prepare. Those men are not as stupid as the previous ones. Denaris, where are our reinforcements?"

"They are just waiting for our orders. If you want we can just bomb this place. All of them will die at the same time. End of story." Denaris suggested.

"That's too much paperwork." Lance protested.

"Fine, let's kill them one by one then. Here." Denaris handed them each a weapon but took from another bag two bullet proof vests, same as the one he and Lance were wearing.

Marco helped Alex to her vest before wearing his own. Then, restocked their hidden weapons.

"How many daggers and shuriken did you both bring?" Lance asked perplexedly.

"Enough to kill an army. Come on!" With renewed energy and strength, he pulled Alex to his side before they walked back to the warzone.

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