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   Chapter 31 Anguish

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Alex would have ran towards her brother if Marco did not hold her in place. Alex's confidence and strength evaporated the moment she saw her only family crouched in the ground and all beaten up. Dried blood on his swollen face made her blood boil for the person who hurt him.

"Dimitri, nice of you and your men to drop by. You could have called earlier and I would have given you guys a welcome party." Marco pulled Alex to his back to shield her. He wanted to protect her but he knew what Dimitri wanted. Revenge for his brothers death. An eye for an eye.

"Marco, you know what I came here for. Our business doesn't have anything to do with this. This is very personal for me, if I might say."

"What do you want then?"

"Give her to me or I will make sure your whole family dies." Marco can see through any bluff and as he looked at Dimitri, it made him doubt the safety of his family. The Panic Room is safe. He designed it with Lance but if the whole house would explode, that is another deal.

"Ask for something else. You know I will never give her to you." Marco's voice was cold and menacing. Alex was shaking in anger and fear at the same time. She thought that she shouldn't have let things get out of hand. Now everybody is in grave danger because of her. Concealed from Marco's back, she slowly took her phone from her pocket and pressed number 5. She saved Red and Rodel's number for emergency purposes. She wi

As much as he wanted to hold on to the love of his life, he knew they lost this fight. They have fought long and hard to keep each other safe. Now, it's time to set things right. Marco kissed Alex briefly then stepped backwards, away from her. Giving them both space could help alleviate the pain they were feeling. It was more painful than any punch or kick, cut and gunshot wounds. Separating from Alex without knowing if they will see each other again was too much to bear.

"I see you've decided. Good choice. Now, move!"

"Leave my brother! Stop the timer and hand him the detonator!" Alex will not be fooled. She has endured so much just to be fooled by a madman like Dimitri.

"Fine!" Dimitri keyed in some numbers and showed the timer. It shows OFF. He dropped the device near Paulo's feet then stepped back. The twenty men gathered around them also stepped back, mirroring their boss.

Half way through, Dimitri raised his gun and fired a shot.

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