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   Chapter 30 Choices

The Mafia Lies By magbmara Characters: 5355

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Marco received a call from Denaris.

["Marco, we have a problem. The men cannot locate Luna based on the coordinates given by Lance. They also found at least a hundred of our men on a warehouse near the coordinates. They were tied, gagged, locked and cramped on three shipping containers hidden in the perimeter. Those were the men we sent to Luna one week ago."]

"I knew it! There's someone blocking the correct GPS and sending out incorrect coordinates. Give them the address Denaris. No need to hide this location as it seemed we were already discovered. I need reinforcement as soon as possible."

["Hang on. I'll make sure help is on its way. I am also on my way there now as we speak. Sorry. It was supposed to be a surprise. I was invited."]

"See you in a while." Marco felt relieved that Denaris will be arriving.

"Just as I thought. We are on our own now. We have to deactivate the CCTVs. The enemies are on the loose." Alex still felt strange. She knew they are not safe out in the open.

Marco called Lance.

"Lance, yes. Good that Denaris called you first. Listen, deactivate the CCTVs. I tried but somehow I can't ." He cut the call and turned to Alex.

"He's on it. We have to strategize. . . I will. . ." Alex was fast. She pulled Marco to her hiding place and fired ceaselessly at the ten men who were firing and running towards them. Marco's back was on the attackers when Alex pulled him. When he saw what was happening, he held up the rifle slung on his shoulder and fired at the enemies. One by one they fell but more came in.

They were outnumbered, he knew that

Marco returned the mask to Alex. All was going well until a grenade was thrown at them. It could have blown them off to bits but luckily Alex caught it. She threw it back to the group of attackers. They had limited time to duck for cover as a loud explosion filled the building.

The explosion gave Marco an idea for their escape. He took one grenade, removed the pin with his teeth and threw it at the walls that will lead them to the barracks. When the walls crumbled, fresh air slowly dissipated the poison gas. Alex was flattened on the floor. Before the blowup, Marco pinned her to the floor to ensure her safety from the falling debris.

After the blast, Marco stood up quickly and pulled up Alex. They have no time to remove the debris and dusts on their heads and body. She removed the gas tank, took the half emptied bag of ammunition, slung it on her shoulders and ran outside, armed and ready to fire at their opponents when needed. Marco followed soon after.

When they reached the clearing. They were not prepared for what was waiting for them.

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