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   Chapter 29 Enemies

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Marco anticipated the movements of their attackers as Alex checked the mirror for another wave of assassins. She wondered how the men were able to pass through the security system of the estate and the heavily guarded compound. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. She knew she had to focus. Between her and Marco, their family might be in grave danger.

When the remaining men entered the room, the entire fight to immobilize them had taken less than five seconds. When Marco and Alex realized that more men were coming up the stairs, Marco pushed and locked the door. He pulled Alex to their walk in closet.

"Marco, what are we. . ." Alex was about to complain but stopped when Marco pulled out the socks drawer and lifted the top compartment. He punched in five digits. The cabinet they were facing moved and slid sideways to reveal the hidden armory.

"Welcome to my world." Marco hoped that Alex would like that part of their room as much as he does.

"Woah! This is heaven!" Alex's eyes glazed from seeing the rows of firearms, knives and even arrows inside the armory. She was like a child in a toy store, amazed with the vast collection she was seeing.

"If I didn't know that you love me, I would have been jealous with the way you are looking at these toys." Marco found his girlfriend insanely addicting, especially now that he sees that they have the same passion with artillery.

"Seriously, this is insane! But, enough for chitchat, let's go get those bastards. How can we find the others?" She kissed Marco quickly then picked up three firearms, ninja stars or what Japanese called shuriken sets and five throwing knives.

Marco took out his phone and speed dialed Lance. He was out of coverage area.

"Shit! I can't reach Lance's phone."


't help but smirk at their stupidity. He saw three men wounded by bullets, which he figured, might be from a ricocheted bullet when they tried to fire at the door.

He then looked at the perimeter area where they were supposed to drop down from the ceiling. There were at least seven men waiting for action, hidden at the mazelike room they were targeting. Marco gave a mask to Alex before wearing one, then took out one of the smoke bombs, which contains sleeping gas and dropped it from the ceiling. Billowing smoke was emitted from the two bombs and when the room cleared, their enemies were fast asleep. Alex and Marco kicked their heads as they walked past them for safe measure. They can never know if they were just faking it.

Alex felt a different kind of foreboding. It felt like that night when she lost her brother.

Marco realized one thing as they approached the first building. There were no signs of casualties. No signs of men that were hurt or gunned down. Alex looked at him and he knew that they were thinking the same thing. They were not taken over by enemies. They were surrounded by them. As the realization sunk in, Marco received a call he was dreading.

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