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   Chapter 28 Panic

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Sammy was not even aware that her excitement and happiness in seeing Marco again would pose a problem. She was not informed that there was an extremely beautiful and jealous girl inside the room. She tried to smile at the girl but she was staring at Marco and hers entwined hands. Sammy gently removed her hand from Marco and tried to alleviate any problem by slightly moving away from them both.

"Hi! I'm Sammy. Cassie's best friend." Sammy smiled then she nudged Marco who seemed to be frozen in place with the way the girl was staring at them.

"Oh. Baby, this is Sammy. Sammy, meet my girlfriend Alex." Sammy wanted to approach and hug Alex but it seemed like a bad idea at the moment. She almost laughed when she saw again Marco's pained expression. This guy is whipped, she thought.

"Nice to meet you Alex. Marco, just go down when you're both ready. By the way, I came with Rob. You'll finally meet him. See you both later! Ahm, Good luck Marco!" She can't help but laugh when he groaned as she punched his shoulder playfully before she went down to rejoin their family.

"Who's that!" Alex thought she was not a jealous person but when she saw them, Marco looked too excited and happy to see the girl.

"Sammy. She's. . ."

"Cassie's best friend, yeah I heard, but who is she to you?!" Marco didn't know whether to laugh of cry but laughing will only make it worse and an angry Alex though looking so hot and feisty can be a dangerous thing for him right now.

"She's like a sister. You know how I don't have any siblings right? Are you jealous?"

"Of course not! Do I have any reason to be?" She even rolled her eyes and tried t

ide of the door while she went to the right. He saw Alex look behind her. There's a mirror near the door. She angled that mirror to see outside but to conceal them from their enemies. Six more men came from the stairs and all of them started shooting. Alex knew that the 9mm pistol they were using has only ten bullets each and she already fired 3 shots while Marco 2. They have to save their shots for an emergency situation. She motioned for Marco to move back and hide as they wait for the enemies to enter their trap.

When the men stopped their shooting spree, the first and second victims stepped inside. With Marco's quick martial arts skills, he jumped, spun and landed his heel on his opponent's chest. The second one was punched in the spine and kicked in the gut by Alex. They both writhe in pain when Alex kicked one on his pelvis and Marco's elbows landed on the other's face. The remaining men hesitated to go inside the room as they heard the grunts and groans. Alex saw their hesitation as a sign of weakness.

They just needed one wrong move from the assassins before they attack.

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