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   Chapter 27 Jealous

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Updated: 2018-01-31 19:03

It was near dinner time when Marco was reunited with Alex at their bedroom. His mother kept Alex busy with stories about his childhood and all his antics when he was younger. Alex even teased him with some of the details of his past which made Marco somewhat regret having introduced his mother to his girlfriend.

"Stop being grumpy my love. Mama was just telling me cute and funny stuff about you." Alex hugged Marco and was trying to make him smile rubbing her cheeks on his shoulders.

"Baby, I really am cute but I missed you. What took you so long to get back up? I texted you 45 minutes ago and you only came up now." Alex laughed out loud at her boyfriend who was sulking like a little kid who was deprived of candy.

"I was still having a great time with your mom. And besides, you just said you were in our room. You didn't even tell me which one. This is a huge house." He smirked.

"I was testing your innate ability to track me which you did with flying colors. Awwww!" Alex bit Marco's shoulders.

"I found you because I called your cellphone and your ring tone was as loud as an ambulance siren! You were waiting for me weren't you? Why? What do you want?" His eyes grew darker and Alex knew what they were about to do. They were about to start doing his plan when someone knocked on the door. Marco groaned in exasperation while Alex just laughed and went to the door to see who it was.

"Oh. Hi Mama, Grams and cute baby Liam. Come on in." Alex led their visitors inside their room. Marco was still lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Liam ran to him and climbed on the bed to go to his Godfather.

"Hi kiddo. Come on and play with Uncle." Marco hugged the boy and carried him to the couch but the boy was restless. They both laughed as Liam tried to climb up to his shoulders. Alex watched the two of them with an adoration that did not escape the two elders.

"Liam was asking for Marco so we brought him here. I hope we were not disturbing you two." It was their grandmother who was smiling knowingly. A

was locked and opened the door irritably.

"Marco!" Marco was surprised to see Sammy outside his door. Sammy, Cassie's best friend and him became close when he saved them both from a lunatic kidnapper.

Alex's heart almost broke into pieces as the gorgeous girl wearing a white sundress with deep neckline hugged Marco and kissed both his cheeks.

"Sammy! Hey! When did you get here? Cassie didn't tell me you'll be coming." Marco was all smiles. He missed Sammy and her craziness. He used to talk to her non stop whenever they would meet. She has that lively and charming personality that always made him smile.

"It was a surprise. So how are you?" She pulled Marco and hugged him some more before letting go of him. She really missed him. They haven't spoken and seen each other since he left for Italy.

"I'm doing good. Great actually. I want you to meet someone. Wait here." Marco was still holding her hand and was on his way to go back inside the bedroom when he bumped into Alex. He was not even aware that she was watching them near the door. She looked disdainfully at Marco and the girl standing outside the room. If a stare could kill, Sammy would have been dead on the spot with the way Alex was eyeing her. Marco thought that this could just be one of the worst days of his life if he can't fix this issue before it even escalated.

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