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   Chapter 26 Surprise

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The transfer to Luna was safe. Instead of riding the cars as planned, Marco and Alex used one of the decoy choppers. When they arrived at the well-hidden and guarded estate, Alex realized why the place was called Luna. There are three buildings shaped like a crescent moon, full moon and half moon. They were arranged in a strategic manner that resembles a fortress that would be difficult to penetrate. The first building serves as a checkpoint and outlook tower made of wrought iron and concrete slab with impossibly high walls and electric fence. Alex noticed its crescent shape when they were on their way to Luna via Chopper. The full moon shaped second building is like a maze of barracks with fully equipped firing range and fully functional military training facility. If a person will memorize the layout of the building, gunfights will be an easy feat for unsuspecting enemies. The largest and half moon shaped mansion mentioned by Marco houses ten rooms on the first floor and fourteen rooms at the second floor. This will be their home for the meantime. Aside from the fact that the place was covered with full grown and big trees that made the place look dark even at broad daylight, highly trained and armed men, roamed the place. It was like a military camp set in a luxurious environment.

"Why do you have a place like this?" Alex asked Marco.

"When Cassie was kidnapped and almost killed by a lunatic, Lance became overprotective and nearly crazy with his desire to protect the family. I just inherited a Mafia then and I joined him in being crazy. We had this fortress built just in case we needed to escape. This is the first time we actually brought other people aside from us and the crew. The whole family knows of its existence but Marco, Denaris and I only know the actual location. Even the staffs working here are only given GPS coordinates, which gets deleted once they reach the place. We've taken extra precaution."

"Wow. Just wow. I'm really amazed. Who designed this? I am really impressed."

"From our martial arts trainings years ago, we've met some high ranking military officials. We did some favors for them and they helped us design and build this place. This

a man boring a headache because of his mother's nagging. He knew it would pose a big problem that he hid Alex from his mother who had been begging for him to get married and produce heirs.

"Mama. I did not hide Alex from you. I simply did not tell you about her since we don't usually talk on the phone? You hated cellphones and anything electronic remember?" Marco tried to pull Alex away from his mother but Bellatrix was leading Alex to the living room. Marco and his father followed and sat beside them on the living room couch.

"You are so full of excuses. Now go on. Leave us we have some catching up to do." Alex just smiled at Marco's irritated expression. He was sulking for being dismissed and Alex found him cute. She smiled at Marco sweetly which earned a smile from him.

"Go and play with Liam, baby. I will just spend time with. . . Mama." Marco smiled when he heard the word Mama. It feels good that his parents warmed up with Alex immediately and she accepted their clinginess without judgment.

"Come on, son. Let's go get that cute little boy. Hey, when are you going to give us our second grandson?" Alex could still hear their conversation and could not help but smile. Marco tried to contain his smile but he and Alex were thinking the same thing as Alex. When everything is settled and safe, they would surely produce lots of grandchildren for Marco's parents. After all, they are always hands on and focused with the creation process.

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