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   Chapter 25 Meet the Parents

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The following day, Marco and Alessandra were late for breakfast. They simply could not get enough of each other.

"We were about to send a search party for you too. Good morning." Cassie was the first to greet them as Marco lead Alessandra to an empty chair. When she's already seated, he took the chair beside her. Their grandparents, Marco and Cassie were almost finished eating.

"Good morning." Marco said while Alessandra just smiled at them. She felt shy all of a sudden that they were late for breakfast because of all the physically gratifying activities they were too busy doing earlier.

"Here baby, try this." Marco was already transferring some food to her plate.

They were not aware that every person on the table was looking at them and smiling at how they both took care of each other. After they were all satiated with food, Lance laid out their plans.

"Marco, Auntie and Uncle will be arriving at the Luna Mansion this morning. We'll be transferring there this afternoon. Our security team is still doing a sweep on the perimeter."

"Thanks Bro. Denaris sent more men there for our protection. Cassie, sorry for the change of plans." Marco said but Cassie just smiled. Without any trace of disappointment on her voice, she answered.

"Don't worry about it. I'm just too happy to organize something for a change that's why I kind of been all out on Liam's party. But if it's your wedding that I would be soon organizing then you would really make up for this small birthday party's change of plans." Cassie was really something. This made Lance laugh out loud.

"You really have a way with words my love." Lance pulled Cassie closer and kissed the top of her head.

"You have this all figured out huh." Marco's smile turned wider when he saw Alessandra blushing with the reference of their future wedding.

"Of course! I know how possessive you are. You and this man over here can be like a caveman sometimes." Cassie rolled her eyes when her husband held his chest feigning to be hurt by her words.

"I agree with that Cassie. Now, please excuse us. We will go check if Liam is already awake." Sanya and Leonardo left the table and Lance continued laying out the plans.

"We will be using two choppers and five vehicles to do the transfer. The real transfer will happen at 4 pm. We will be riding two cars that are set to depart here at different schedules. Grams and Gramps will be riding with us. The two choppers will be decoys as well as the three cars. The security team will be in position and waiting in every curve or road on the way to Luna. Bro, Denaris called me earlier. He said he can't reach your number." Lance smirked at Marco to show that he knows why his number was unreachable.

"I know. He told me when I called him. He said he just got off the phone talking to you. He'll be sending the men straight to Luna." Lance just nodded. They stopped talking when Pablo, the head of security team entered the Dining Room and handed Marco a box parcel. Two maids also emerged and took their plates and left over food. Once the Dining room was cleared, Marco gave the parcel to Alessandra.

"That box came in yesterday for you. Sorry the team had to open it to check for bugs and explosives but they're all clear." It was Lance who explained.

"It's up to you what to do with its contents." Marco seemed worried at Alessandra's reaction. She looked nerv

Alessandra closer to him.

"Thanks Man. Now, we just have to incorporate the information we got from this box to our already laid out plan."

"Yes but let's do this later as my son is calling me." They saw Lance's arm band blinking. He nodded at them before going out of the room to join his son and wife.

"That's cool. Is that blinking arm band linked to Liam?" Alessandra had been eyeing the blinking band when she saw it on Cassie. She didn't even realized then that Lance was wearing the same thing.

"Yes. It even have a vibrate mode. Liam will press a button on a remote with Lance's picture if he needs him and same with Cassie. Aside from the normal baby monitor that they have, they also have this new piece of gadget. They are both hands on parents." Marco replaced the airplane, pen and apple back to the box. He then led Alessandra to the nearby couch. She sat on his lap, rested her head on his neck while he stroke her back.

"Do you believe them? The clues I mean?" Alessandra asked.

"It doesn't matter what I think, what is important is if you believe them. You said you don't trust them but still you were able to decipher their note easily."

"I taught them how to do that. The two of them were like my trainees back then. I was closer to them than the rest of the group though in every mission that goes haywire it was I who always bailed them out. It was not my job to help them but I can't lose any of my teammates. It doesn't feel right for me to let someone from my team die since I was merciless enough to kill someone else." She shivered as she mentioned killing someone. Marco hugged her closer.

"Shhh. Sorry I even asked. I don't want you feeling upset again over the past. We'll get over this baby, I won't let anything bad happen to you." He kissed her forehead. Alessandra relished those moments when Marco will assure her that everything will be all right. He will always be her hero.

"I love you." She cuddled closer to him.

"I love you too." The sound and feel of their beating hearts and the warmth of their hug calmed them both. All their worries disappeared as they silently enjoyed the precious time that they have together. With their situation, every hour and every day is something to cherish and hold on to.

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