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   Chapter 24 Clues

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When they got back at the mansion, Sanya was waiting for them.

"Lance and Cassie are upstairs and inside their room with Liam. They already told me what happened. I do hope you're okay Alex." Sanya hugged Alessandra who just nodded.

"Please excuse me." She tried to smile but she knows she can't fool Sanya or Marco into pretending that she's perfectly fine.

"I'll go with you." Marco wanted to go with Alessandra.

"No. I need to be alone. Excuse me." Alessandra went up to her room.

"Marco, give her time. This is difficult for her. It seems her past is haunting her once more."

"I will protect her Grams. I promised her I would and I tend to keep that promise. But why do I feel like she's already giving up?" Marco sat down the living room couch and Sanya sat down with him.

"She's scared. No matter how tough she seems, she's still scared. Your grandfather and I saw how broken she was when we found her. Even with her amnesia, we heard her crying. There were times when nightmare woke her up in the middle of the night. I personally tried to reach out to her and I think somehow, I did. She told me bits and pieces on why she was mourning. She said she lost her brother and it was her fault. She loves you Marco and that is her biggest fear. She fears that you'll get hurt because of her."

"I know how difficult it is for her to think about the safety of others while trying to live up to what she personally wants for herself. With my new life, I do know that. When I met her I thought she was a typical girl whose life will get ruined if I pursued her. But I still plunged forward because I know deep inside, my life will never be the same again and will be much worse if I am not with her. I am scared too Grams. I am scared for her safety and the safety of our family. But the most terrifying thing I could think of right now, is waking up without her by my side. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and I don't think I can ever move on from that."

"Just be patient and strong for her. I am sure your love will help you overcome anything. You are both lucky to have met each other and never think otherwise." Sanya's words stuck to Marco. He is indeed ble

h Marco. I'm sorry for even thinking about leaving." She looked at Marco and felt her tears start to fall.

"Please don't ever think about leaving me again."

"Promise I won't. Marco, I have to tell you something. What happened earlier was a set-up. . ." Alessandra told Marco everything that happened including her encounter with her former friends.

"That explains this card and the parcel that Lance was telling me about." Marco took the card from his jacket's pocket and handed it to Alessandra.

"This is their emergency number. They said they would help me but I don't want to believe them. I can't trust them again after what they did to me." There was both sadness and anger on her voice.

"Don't think about it too much baby. You're safe. We're safe. Lance and I already discussed what we have to do. For now, I have a wonderful idea to make you feel better." Marco was quick. He shifted position and pinned Alessandra on the bed. He started kissing her. After a few minutes, Alessandra pushed him and straddled him.

"I like this idea of yours but maybe you misjudged the effect of all this. You should have said 'us' and not 'you'." She said playfully as she removed her shirt and started undressing Marco.

"I stand to be corrected. Let me rephrase that for you baby. . . I have a wonderful idea to make us feel better." With that, they did have a wonderful time devouring each other until exhaustion took over and lulled them to sleep.

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