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   Chapter 23 Fears

The Mafia Lies By magbmara Characters: 7306

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As the two men approached, Alex's phone rang and it was Marco on the line.

"Don't answer the call! Lock the car! Stay here and protect Cassie if anything bad happens to me." Alex instructed the disgruntled driver and she got out of the vehicle to meet her old friends.

Alex tried to think of a way to delay their attack. On a hand to hand combat, she has a chance of survival but if they use a gun then that's another story.

She tried to think of the things she needed to win this fight. Know the environment, avenues of escape and weapons that might be available to her, which are all non-existent at the moment. The only way to eliminate her opponents is to not hold back, react with complete commitment, total aggression and to immediately injure and incapacitate her attackers.

But knowing who they are gave her another idea. Alex used another tactic.

"It's been a long time dear friends, or should I say traitors? You twins really have the nerve to try and kill me now after all the things we've shared?!" Alex tried to hide the pain she was feeling but her voice betrayed her. Her face showed anger and hatred but her heart bleeds with pain as she remembered who they were on her previous life.

"Alex. We were under a mission and you know how it is. Years ago, we wanted to warn you but we can't." They approached her with wariness on their eyes as they saw how Alex looked at them with anger and disdain.

"No need for your explanation Rodel. I've had enough of your lies! I treated you both as my brothers. I saved you both countless of times. If I have known that you will betray me I should have let you die on the hands of the enemies than risk my life saving you!" Every word she said was like daggers to the two men. They felt her anger and hurt and it was enough to stop them from their tracks.

"Sis, we didn't have a choice back then. They will be after our families if we interfere with their plans on you." Their pleading voice did nothing to Alex's stone cold heart. She risked her life for these two men but they did nothing to help her when it was her time to be saved.

"Don't ever call me Sis! You lost your right to call me that when you left m

is permanent in this life. Friends, family, even lovers come and goes. There would always be some force in the universe that will change them or alter how they feel towards you. There would always be something that will destroy how you see yourself or someone that will make you feel inferior and unworthy. That is how Alex was feeling. She felt that she is a problem that needs to be solved, an illness that needs some miracle to heal.

"Whatever it is you're dealing with right now babe, I'm here for you. Don't ever think that anything could change that. I love you." Hearing those words from Marco as he wiped the tears on her face did not give her any assurance, instead she felt more unworthy for his love. She realized that she's nothing compared to him. Her love for him and the sacrifices she is willing to make is insignificant to how much he loved her and wanted to protect her.

The question that has been plaguing her mind and heart is whether she should stay or leave? Would she be able to endure life with Marco knowing that any time of the day she could lose him? Or will it be better to leave him now and love him from a distance just to ensure that he and his family will always be safe from the demons of her past life?

Whichever choice she makes, the bottom line is still the same. She will be miserable and unhappy and that's no different from the old Alessandra that she was trying to escape from. Heartless. Miserable. Unhappy.

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