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   Chapter 22 Warning

The Mafia Lies By magbmara Characters: 11996

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Alessandra woke up and looked at the wall clock. They have been asleep for almost six hours. Its already afternoon. She looked at the godly handsome man beside her and smiled. Whenever she looks at him, she still wonders how fate can be so kind to her to give her this man despite all the horrible things she did in the past.

Marco stirred and hugged her legs with his. He snuggled closer to her neck and she felt his hot breath. His hands that were resting on her waist travelled up to massage her soft mounds and caressed her nips with his thumb.

"Marco. . . You know where we are." Alessandra wanted to stop him but her body betrayed her.

"I don't care. Just one round promise." Marco hurriedly stood up and locked the door. His raging manhood evident on his pants. He almost tripped while removing his pants. He took of his shirt as he walked back towards her. He looked at her amorously as she stood up on top of the bed and slowly removed her clothes as if teasing him. With every article of clothing removed, he pulled her to him. He bent down so he's faced to face with her core. When he lifted her leg to his shoulders and started his sweet assault to her womanhood, Alessandra moaned with desire. Her sweet moans were enough to make Marco crazy with want and need. The one round he promised turned to three. Two at the bed then another round at the showers.

When Marco and Alessandra emerged from her room, it was almost five in the afternoon. Alessandra wanted to go to the garden, which was her favorite place when she was still living at the mansion. There they saw the two elderly couples playing with Liam.

"Hey Liam!" When the boy saw Marco, he giggled and walked hurriedly towards him.

"Un-tle. . ." Marco kneeled down and waited for his godson to reach his arms before hugging him and lifting him up. The boy kept on laughing as he was tossed higher in the air.

"Baby boy, you've grown so big! Uncle Marco missed you so much!" He kissed his neck and armpit playfully and Liam laughed non-stop.

Alessandra watched in amazement. She's happy to see Marco's playful side. He looked more handsome when he's laughing and playing with Liam. She wondered how it would feel if it was their son who was hugging and giggling with Marco.

She didn't realize that someone was already beside her.

"He's really good with kids. I'm sure he'll make a good father." Alessandra saw a gorgeous and petite woman beside her. She looked familiar. She smiled at her and held out her hand.

"I'm Cassie. You must be Alessandra. Granny told me about you." Alessandra shook her hand and smiled back.

"Nice to meet you. You can call me Alex." She felt awkward with the way Cassie looked at her. It's like she's trying to figure her out.

"Sorry to stare. I'm just really happy that Marco finally found someone special. You're the first girl he ever introduced to us."

"Technically Cassie, I haven't introduced her to you yet." Liam was on top of Marco's shoulders. The cute boy was pulling his godfather's hair.

"No need. We're already friends aren't we Alex?" Alessandra smiled at Cassie.

"Ma-ma." Liam wanted to go down to go to his mother so Marco transferred the boy to Cassie. Then he pulled Alessandra closer to him.

"Babe, this is Cassandra Lopez Montgomery. She's also a singer and composer. Cassie, this is my girlfriend Alessandra Bellini."

"Oh. So that's why you looked familiar!" Cassie just laughed when she heard Alex's remarks.

"You might have seen that hideous billboard on your way here. I was asking Lance to have that removed but you k

y were out of danger.

"Aleeeex!" Another black vehicle sped its way towards them and Alex swerved just in time to avoid collision but they crashed at the metal barrier on the side of the road. Cassie felt the impact of the crash. She was already shivering in fear. But Alex would not give up. She continued driving despite the condition of the car. The car followed them.

"Cassie! Get my phone and call Marco. Cassie!" Alex saw Cassie's panicked state from the rearview mirror.

"You! Get my phone and call Marco. Go to the backseat and help Cassie." She motioned at the driver. Alex knew now that they were stupid for not letting at least one guard with weapon accompany them on their car trip back to the house.

"Sir Marco. Yes." The driver placed the call on loudspeaker.

["Alessandra. We're on our way. I'm tracking your phone. The guards who were with you called and reported the incident, they're also on their way now but they're having some troubles. I'll explain later. Hold on baby. We're coming."]

"Just hurry! I think Cassie needs help. She's not physically hurt but she's in panic."

["Shit! Go faster!"] She heard Lance curse and was urging Marco to drive faster.

"Marco, another car is following us. They're trying to overtake our car. I can't shake them off as I'm losing speed. We're badly hit. We've been running flat."

["Keep on driving. Don't stop."]

"Ma'am I smell gasoline. I think the gas tank has been shot."

"I know. I was trying to ignore that fact though it's pretty evident with the way the fuel gauge is blinking. Marco, we're almost empty. How far away are you?"

["Just fifteen fucking minutes more!"] It was Lance.

"I'll try to give you fifteen minutes but if you can make it around ten or even five, it would really be great."

["Shit! Babe, just hold on. Please don't do anything to endanger yourself."]

"I'll survive for you don't worry." The car stopped slowly and she signaled for the driver to drop the call. They would know it anyways since Marco was tracing them.

Alex saw two men emerged from the black car that flanked them. They were different from the hooded ones she ran down a while ago. They weren't carrying any weapon. She knew why because she recognized them. Alex dreaded this meeting but her hatred towards them was more than enough to fuel her excitement to greet them. This would be a fun reunion.

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