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   Chapter 21 Friendship

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"Alessandra. . . what's happening?" The car stopped and the driver opened the door of the limousine that picked them up from the airport. What happened next stunned Marco. He knew that life is full of surprises and twisted plots but he was not prepared for what he was about to discover.

"Marco! Lance said you will be coming home. . . Oh! What's happening to her?"

"I don't know Gran. I'm not sure. She was fine a minute ago. . ."

"Alex? Alex is that you? Oh my God it is you! Alex!" Lance's grandmother was so shocked and elated to see the woman crying beside Marco.

"Gran? You know her? Baby, please calm down. Nobody will hurt you here. You're with me."

Lance's grandmother is still a strong woman despite her age. She could still pass up to look 60 even though she's in her 70s. She tried to hug Alessandra but Marco wouldn't budge from his hold on her.

"Alex. It's okay. You're safe. Come Marco! Carry her inside. She's just shocked. Too many bad memories might be causing her distress."

Marco carried Alessandra inside the mansion. Sanya Montgomery led them passed the spacious and elegant living room, up the stairs and to a room beside Marco's.

"Alex, look! Your room is still the same as you left it. Please calm yourself honey. You're with us. I don't know how you met Marco but he's also our family. Like you are to us."

"Grandma? What do you mean? And why do you keep on calling her Alex? Oh. . ." The sudden realization struck Marco.

"You were the ones who found her? You and Grandpa helped her?"

"Yes Marco. Alex is the one we were telling you and Lance about years ago."

Alessandra stopped hyperventilating but she's still crying. She was clutching Marco's arms like her life depended on it.

Marco tried to remember if he met Alessandra before but he can't think of any chance encounter they might had. He was still holding his girlfriend who was slowly starting to calm down. After a few minutes of silence, Alessandra finally calmed down, she removed Marco's grip and went to the old woman who was smiling sweetly at them. Alessandra took Sanya's hands but the old woman embraced her.

"Grams, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to visit. You know how things were. I can't risk your safety. Until now I still think about you and Grandpa everyday. . ."

"Shhh. Honey, you don't have to apologize, we understand. It was enough that you send us emails every now and then on how things are going on with your life. Though we were not really sure if its you since you always use different email accounts but we figured it might be your way of sharing your new life with us."

Marco was still stunned that Lance's grandparents were the ones who saved Alessandra from death.

"I tried to go back and see you but I was s

ing me, Lance and Cassie we can't keep this a secret anymore. We have to tell her before she discovered it herself."

"They talked about me? I thought I was their secret."

"They never told us what really happened to you and your identity. They just keep on telling us how you were with them when you recovered. That you were the prettiest granddaughter they never had aside from Cassie of course. They were actually trying to set you up with me before but I was really busy when you were still with them. I was taking care of the Financing Company of the Montgomery's that time and also Lance and I started our own businesses. We were rarely home and always travelling."

"It's funny that I never saw any pictures of you before in the mansion."

"Oh. We don't have pictures inside the house. We have a gallery of pictures inside a vault. It's funny that we don't keep any valuables except for the photo albums and portraits. It would have pissed off any robber."

"Not even a single one? Then how do you look at the pictures?"

"We don't. Why should we when everything is already digital. We could just video call each other anytime. No need for sentimental pictures."

"Oh. Right. So, what's our plan now?" Alessandra removed her shoes and her coat. She took off Marco's coat and removed his tie when she saw that he was yawning and looked sleepy.

"Our plan now is to sleep before Cassie and Liam arrives. I can't sleep with that boy around. I am sure he'll keep me awake."

Marco was very tired after their trip. He kicked off his shoes and snuggled closer to Alessandra. A few minutes later and his breathing evened, a sign that he fell asleep. Alessandra slowly drifted off to slumber as she hugged Marco closer. They went to dream land where everything is simple and peaceful, the complete opposite of the real world.

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