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   Chapter 20 The Family

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Later that day, Marco called Lance to tell him about Alessandra.

"Bro, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?" Lance sounded sleepy since he was calling at 4 am in California while it was only 1 pm in Italy.

"Will you get out of the room before I tell you? You might wake up Cassie and we don't want that."

"I know. Wait, I'll go to the study. Is it true? You met someone? I know there's something you're not telling me."

"Her name is Alessandra but we have to call her Selena. The situation is more complicated than her names but the thing is, I love her."

"Finally! My brother is whipped! What's the situation? Is she married? Does she have kids? Does she have an obsessed stalker like Miguel was to Cassie?"

"No. It's more twisted than that. Listen. I am telling you this because I trust you. You can't tell anyone else even Cassie. For her protection, the lesser she knows the safer she is."

"You know you can always count on me. Now, tell me."

Marco told Lance the whole story. How he met Alessandra, their car chase incident, her admission of her true identity and the enemies that they both shared as well as her past life.

"You see, aside from me, only you and Denaris knows the truth about her. We call her Selena to continue her disguise. She doesn't leave the estate since I can protect her more if she's well guarded. But she doesn't need my protection. Just this morning, she heard us talking when I was making you believe she's nothing. She thought it was true and I was just playing with her. She attacked me! It was crazy and sexy as hell! How she tried to physically harm me. You should have seen how she threw me to the floor. It would have made your day."

"She's that good?! The best martial arts trainers here can't even get past your stance. Maybe you went soft on her."

"No. I was shocked on how strong she was, for a woman she's pretty impressive. All her movements were calculated. I sent a footage of the car chase we were in so you could see how she drove my car. I could never do that and you know how I am when I drive. I sent the video to your secured line."

Lance wa

"Yes. Though we usually use only two planes. We added one now for extra security."

"Oh. I guess I owe your brother a thank you for keeping us safe."

"Don't worry about it. Just remember to use Selena instead of Alessandra. I might need some practice with that or I could just call you Babe." He emphasized this point by biting her earlobes teasingly.

"You're such a flirt but I'm happy you're my flirt."

"Yes baby I am all yours. Come prove to me later that you're mine too?"

"No funny business while we're with your family. I don't want them to think badly of me." She's really excited but nervous to meet his family. She wants to make a good impression on them.

"Baby, can you blame me if I can't keep my hands off you?" He was pouting at her like a lost puppy and she couldn't help but laugh at his antics.

"You'll get us both in trouble when you look so cute like that."

They arrived at the Montgomery's mansion. When she saw where they stopped, she panicked. She started to cry and hyperventilate. She was busy flirting with Marco on the way there that she did not realize where they were heading.

"Alessandra. . . what's happening?" The car stopped and the driver opened the door of the limousine that picked them up from the airport. What happened next stunned Marco. He knew that life is full of surprises and twisted plots but he was not prepared for what he was about to discover.

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