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Alessandra heard the discussion before Marco said goodbye to the caller and she wished she could just stayed holed up inside the bathroom. She heard a woman's voice and she was curious and kind of jealous so she eavesdropped on the conversation.

"Fine. I met this girl but I am not sure yet how we'd end up. I've been seeing her for almost a month now."

"Hey. Stop betting on my future. I am not sure yet if it's really love but I will tell you more about it when I go home next week. And Cassie, please don't get your hopes up that I'll be bringing her with me. I can't let you meet her and get your hopes up for nothing."

Those words were like gunshot wounds straight to her heart. She wanted to believe that she was special to him with the way he looks at her, his kisses and how he couldn't get his hands off her, but hearing him say she was nothing confirmed her doubts. Marco was just waiting for the three weeks trial period to end. He doesn't see Alessandra as someone more than a good lay, a past time. How could some words hurt her more than any punch, kick, cut and gun shot? She did not realize that she was crying until she heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Baby? I'm done with the phone. You can get out now. I don't know why you keep on leaving the room whenever I have a phone call. It's not like I'm hiding anything from you." This only made Alessandra cry more. If she was in the room when he received that call, she knew he would not have said those hurtful words. She was confused on what to believe.

"Alessandra, please open the door. Are you crying? Baby, why?" His voice was laced with concern and worry and this made her cry harder. She was wondering how Marco could fake the emotions on his voice. He sounded deeply concerned about her even after saying that she means nothing to him.

"Go away. I'm fine."

"Alessandra? If you don't open this god damn door I will break this down."

"I don't care! Just go away! I don't want to see you!" Alessandra was losing it, she was never emotional but the way her heart constricts with pain as she remembered Marco's words fuelled her anger as well as her tears.

I met this girl but I am not sure yet how we'd end up.

I am not sure yet if it's really love

I can't let you meet her and get your hopes up for nothing.

The next thing Alessandra saw was the door breaking down and an angry Marco on the other side. When he saw her crying his face mellowed. He was stil


She almost kissed him when she heard he loved her but she knew what Marco's fears were. It was the same as hers. But she feared for Marco's safety and not her own. She knew that she had worst enemies than him. She killed many powerful people and her greatest enemy will surely hunt her down and mercilessly kill her if he knew she's alive. How can she protect Marco if she can't even protect herself?

"Marco, I love you too. I know what this entails. This is dangerous for us both, more to you than me. I have more enemies than all your group members combined. As much as I would like to stay away from you to keep you safe, I can't. I'm stubborn and I'm selfish. I'd rather kill everyone that tries to harm you than hurt myself by not being with you."

For others, it might not be the sweetest admission of love but Marco's heart swelled with happiness and pride because of Alessandra's stand. She's brave, hot as hell and she loves him. What more can he ask for?

"Do you know what you just signed yourself up for when you admitted that you love me?" Marco was seriously looking at her eyes. Her eyes almost brimming with tears because of happiness.

"Yes I do. Do you understand the peril and gravity of the situation I am bringing into your life and into your group?"

"Yes. I do. Well, is this the part where the priest says you may kiss the bride?" They both smiled before sealing their vows with a heartfelt kiss.

Call them crazy but their love for each other is potent enough as a poison to those who would try to harm them. Their love fuels them and makes them fearless to plunge forward to the abyss of danger.

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