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   Chapter 18 Confessions

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Marco and Alessandra were inseparable whenever Marco was at the estate. It has been almost three weeks since their accident but until now, he ensured that he would finish everything he had to work on as early as possible so he could go home to her waiting arms. Even during the mafia's night transactions, he would breeze in and out of their meetings like a family man wanting to be home to be with his loved ones. For the longest time, Marco thought he was happy and contented with his life, but having experienced to be with Alessandra made him realize his life were dull and lonely without her.

Alessandra made sure that Marco was well taken cared off. Not only in their nightly passionate lovemaking but also in other aspects. She started preparing his bath, clothes to wear and even cooking breakfast for him and the group. She immediately won the hearts of the Men and of course, Marco with her surprisingly great cooking skills.

"If I had known cooking for you will earn me this awesome reward, I could have done that the first time I arrived." Alessandra once told Marco when the latter gave her a heart searing kiss the first time she baked bread and cooked egg benedicts for breakfast.

"You're driving me insane baby. I can't wait to go home tonight." This was always Marco's parting word whenever he had to leave for work. Alessandra stayed at the estate and continued her work on the Landscape as originally planned. Their agreement for a three week trial period of being together will end in two days and Alessandra was secretly thinking about how it would turn out to be. She was still not convinced that Marco is serious about their relationship or whatever it is they were in. They haven't discussed about their feelings since the first night they made love. She's anxiously wanting to ask him about them but she doesn't want to seem like a nag and demand from Marco. She wished for some sign that he was willing to take a risk on their relationship. She would fight even death himself just to stay beside him. She knew she love him, she just wasn't sure what Marco feels about her.

Marco's appetite for her body was insatiable. He would always ravish her whenever he has a chance. This made Alessandra feel loved and wanted but it was never enough for her until she hears him say the words itself. She knew Marco is a player and she would rather die an awful death than to be played by the one she loves.

"Baby, harder please." Marco was almost in pain with need as Alessandra was on top this time. She was using the strength of their linked arms to push herself up and down for a mind blowing climax. When they finished, she relaxed on top of him. Earning her a gentle hug and a kiss on her lips. It was already six am and soon they would need to get up for their normal routine.

"Marco, your phone is vibrating." Even when her eyes were closed, her state of alertness never wanes.

"How do you even know that. It's in the other side of the room." It amazed Marco how she always manage to hear things he normally wouldn't hear.

"Being alert kept me alive all these years." Was always her reply but Marco feel over protective of her whenever she would mention bits and pieces about her past. He felt useless knowing that the woman he cared so much about can survive without his protection.

"I know but it doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Do you want me to get it for you? Your phone I mean?" He was looking

uld know the truth.

"Fine. I met this girl but I am not sure yet how we'd end up. I've been seeing her for almost a month now." He heard another shout from Lance.

"Baby why do you keep on hitting me? You're too happy! Marco just said he met someone and is seeing her. Stop acting like it was like it was your love story because you already found your one true love, me! Marco, Cassie here is exaggerating. She's already planning your wedding with the way her eyes are twinkling and all that."

Marco laughed at them. He missed his friends. He knew how crazy they can both be when together. He loved looking at them and sometimes he envied them for being so happy and comfortable with each other. He secretly wished to have someone in his life like Cassie is to Lance.

"Hey. Stop betting on my future. I am not sure yet if it's really love but I will tell you more about it when I go home next week. And Cassie, please don't get your hopes up that I'll be bringing her with me. I can't let you meet her and get your hopes up for nothing. Give my love and kisses to Liam and to our grandparents. I would love to see you all next week. I have to go now. Lance, call me tomorrow I have something to tell you."

"Sure Bro. Take care of yourself."

"Bye Marco! We love you!" It was Cassie's voice.

"Bye! You know I love all of you. Damn! We're getting cheesier as we grow older. Bye now."

Marco was smiling as he ended the call. A call from his best friends always makes his day brighter and happier. He misses them and Liam's birthday will be a great way to loosen the stress of his new life. Although Marco has Alessandra now to go home to, he was still unsure of her feelings for him. He knew she wants to be with him but what if one day, she realized that she wanted her normal life back. How could Marco cope on not having her by his side?

Marco is not afraid of anything aside from losing the ones he loves. That was one reason for deciding to relocate to Italy for good so he would be in a safe distance from his family and friends in California. Though he still has some group members to protect them there, he knew it would be safer if he were miles away. Alessandra is making her way too fast and too deep into his heart and the thought of possibly losing her scares him.

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