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   Chapter 17 The Call

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Waking up beside someone is a new experience for me. I have never done this with anyone before. Whenever I am asked for a date or hook up, the routine was always dinner or drinking in a bar, check in a hotel for the hot s*ex then leave afterwards. Never have I slept beside anyone after a night of passion. With Alessandra, I didn't even hesitate to pull her closer and drift to sleep with her on my arms. Her even breathing, the scent of her hair and the feel of her soft body pressed into mine were enough to make me wish that I would wake up with her every morning. Aside from the fact that a certain member of my body wants to take her again even after several hot burning passion sessions we had after midnight.

I can't get enough of her that I forgot that she's still recovering from her head injury and needs rest. Right now, all I want is for her to feel better. If that's the case then I have to wait a week before I can exhaust her again. That would be extreme torture for me after the gloriously satisfying night we had.

"What are you thinking?" I didn't realize she was already awake and was looking at me with her expressive eyes.

"You." I honestly answered then gave her a peck on her nose.

"Why? I'm just right here." She snuggled closer to me, resting her cheeks on my chest and I can't help but smile at the gesture.

"I know and it's killing my self control when you do things like that." I got distracted as she was rubbing her flawless legs on my thighs. The things this woman does to me will either kill me or make me go crazy with need.

"What? I'm just trying to get comfy." Her voice was sweet but laced with mischief.

"Alessandra, the doctor expressly told me to let you rest. But what do I do? I've been tiring you out. You need to. . . oh. . . shit. . ." All reasons and words left me when she went under the blanket and did things to my raging manhood with her perfect mouth.

After a few minutes of groaning and moaning, I was completely satisfied. Even though I knew that I had to let her rest, I can't just let this opportunity pass. I showed her again how much I desired her and wanted to be one with her.

After that round, she was tired and asked if she can sleep in. I kissed her forehead as she drifted to sleep, I wondered how can a woman as sexy as hell and as great in bed be a virgin? There really are wonders in the world that can't be explained and I'm just glad sh

secret?" I can't help but ask as I am beginning to doubt if we need to tell the rest of the group about this information now that we know that Dimitri may want her head more than he wants mine.

"We need to keep this a secret from everyone for now. We have to stick with her pretension. Right now we are the only ones who knows the truth."

"I was thinking about her brother. We have to keep him safe but if we take him with us it might raise suspicion."

"Yes that's what I thought too. We just have to let things as it is. We can't change anything. You still have to call Alessandra Selena again from now on."

"I was just getting used to calling her Alessandra."

"Well, whatever her name was you're crazy as hell about her so it doesn't really matter. Did you had fun last night?" He was smiling like a lunatic.

"Nosy bastard!" But I can't help but smirk when I remembered the best night of my life.

"You really are whipped. Don't deny it Marco. Just seeing you smiling makes you look like a love sick fool. What happened to the playboy Marco? What have you done with him?"

"He's on sabbatical. Come on. Let's go so we can come back early."

"I'll be damned! You haven't even left the house and you already want to go back." He was starting to get on my nerves and he saw it so he shut his mouth and we both went to the warehouse to prepare for the shipments that evening.

I have to focus on my responsibilities so I can get back to Alessandra's side as fast as possible. Realizing that, I murmured a curse.

"I really am a love sick fool."

"Damn right you are!" Was Denaris' snide remark.

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