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   Chapter 16 Disguise

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"When you heard me that one time on the phone. I was really talking to my brother. He was worried why I have not returned home. He knew I can't risk being exposed as I have worked hard to escape my past. The two of us are the only ones left from our family. He was not aware of my past until that last mission I had. . ." She broke down and cried once more. I hugged her tightly to lend her strength.

"My last mission was a setup. They wanted to kill me when I tried to ask for my freedom. They knew my weakness and they planted him at the location, my oldest brother Simone. I was not aware he was abducted that day and was being pawned in exchange for my death. My group tipped the leader I was trying to kill. He is one of your enemies, Dimitri Deniro. He was the biggest ring leader in Mexico's drug trade that time. I was not aware that he was back in Italy and is now a Mafia boss until I met you. I had to search everything about you and found out you were linked to him. That night when you found me, I was about to kill that maniac who tried to drug me but I felt like it was a bait and will soon be trapped so I walked away."

"Selena? Or what should I call you?"

"Alessandra. My real name's Alessandra Rossi Bellini. You can call me Alex if you want."

"Alessandra. What happened that night?" She was avoiding the real tragedy that happened that night.

"When I was about to pull the trigger to kill Dimitri, he uncovered my brother who was hidden under his blanket. He was gagged and all bruised up but I recognized him all the same. I hesitated out of panic. The next thing I saw was his decapitated head and his neck pooling with blood. Dimitri used a katana sword to cut off my brother's head in front of me. Then his men arrived and attacked me. In a moment of weakness I lost my brother. If I just killed that bastard, my brother would still be alive." She was trembling with rage and fear. If only I could ease some of her pain I would. Dimitri will pay dearly for what he did.

"I could have died with all the blows I received from their beating. They were merciless. I pretended to be dead just so they would leave me. A gunshot wound to the chest would have finished me off if not for the Kevlar vest I wore that night. I never told anyone that I always wear a vest on my mission, it's a specialized vest that when the outer covering was punctured, it will emit a blood like fluid to fool my enemies. I guess it worked because they left me seemingly dead on the side of a road."

I was trying to keep myself sane with everything that she was telling me. I have had a share of violence in my life even before the Mafia. But I was not prepared for what she went through. I pulled her closer to me. Kissing her head to encourage her to keep sharing to me her painful past.

"They did not know that I planted a bomb on the house. It was not part of my mission. But I always do that on every assignment I have. That was to ensure my safety. If I was caught and would die just the same, I want them all to die with me. I set the timer to 6

on the bed. I tried to remove his belt and pants but my hands were trembling. He stood up and removed them himself, earning an awestruck look from me as my eyes feasted on his gorgeous body. I won't let him affect me without me wrecking havoc on his libido so I stood up on top of the bed and removed the rest of my clothes. I smiled when I saw my effect on his manhood.

The way our bodies molded and how we both reacted while our hands feasted on each other was enough to make me believe that we were made for each other. This may have been our first time together but it was indescribable how much pleasure we receive with just a simple touch. I didn't know why he had a condom on his wallet but I was thankful for his thoughtfulness. Even with the unwavering kisses and caresses we were showering each other, he thought about sheathing himself with protection before he plunged into me. When he entered me, it hurt for a while as that was my first time to go all the way. He might have felt the barrier inside me break because he stopped.

"Shit! Alessandra. . . do you want me to pull out?" He went rigid and was stroking my cheeks looking at my face apologetically.

"Don't! Just wait until I feel better." After the pain subsided, I moved against him. He was still frozen in place not wanting to hurt me. But I want more of that awesome feeling. I wound my legs on his back to push him deeper and I gyrated my hips against him to get more friction.

"You're making me crazy baby." He pulled gently and pushed hard. Repeating the motion until both of us were shouting and grunting with every contact. After a few more thrust, I saw stars. Literally saw stars from my high. He followed suit after a few more minutes of intense passion.

After that orgasmic session, he kissed my lips gently then went to the restroom to dispose the rubber. He returned to bed and pulled me closer to him. Under the soft blanket we slept together, my head resting on his chest and his arms around my waist like it was the most normal thing for us to do.

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