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   Chapter 15 Truth

The Mafia Lies By magbmara Characters: 5955

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It was years since I last had this nightmare.

It was raining. I was on assignment and had to finish the mission before daybreak. Driving had been my one consolation from my awful life. I found it peaceful and relaxing to speed up and pass by every other car in the road. I felt in charge of my life and my future as I zoomed ahead.

I made a deal with my superiors that this will be my last mission. By far this is the most dangerous assignment given to me and I bargained my freedom in exchange. At first they did not agree as I was one of their prized possessions. I deliver what was asked without any questions. That's why I was rewarded with their trust. Though I was forced to be part of their group, I know without them I couldn't have survived.

The things I learned and mastered over the years of training with them made me the toughest in my field of work. I am not proud of the things I have done but I know it was for the greater good.

Breaking and entering was an impossible mission itself as the house of my target was a fortress. But I am trained to even pass through a needle hole just to complete a mission. I completed Phase One and was on the verge of completing Phase Two of the plan when everything went wrong.

As I aimed my gun to finish off my assignment, I saw someone move under the blanket. What I saw made me hesitate. That moment of weakness caused me a great deal of grief afterwards and I knew then that I could never go back to my previous life. If I survive that ordeal, I vowed to myself never to look back.


Selena was sleeping as I entered her room. She looked distressed even in her sleep. She's having a nightmare. I would have woken her up if not for my curiosity to know what the nightmare is about. I heard her m

spy or hired assassin, whatever you want to name it. I specialized in impossible missions and was stationed at US and Mexico. My specialty was silently killing corrupt officials and greedy businessmen. I am also the best car driver and racer in our group. That was the main reason I was recruited, for my driving skills. I was the best car and drag racer in our small town where they enlisted me. It might sound absurd and I may seem crazy but this is the truth. You can test me if you want. I can prove to you that I am skilled in any combat and can disable any secured area with my hacking abilities."

She looked at me but I tried to remain stoic and calm, looking for any signs on her expression that she was fooling me. But there's none. She looked straight into my eyes as I nodded for her to continue. I also remembered Denaris' remarks earlier after I watched the car chase footage.

"Marco, Selena is either a professional car racer, trained assassin, a mafia leader or a secret agent. Those are my guess, but you know which ones are the most probable." It was creepy how Denaris could always voice out what I cannot say out loud and often times turned out to be the truth.

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