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   Chapter 14 Secrets

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Selena was released from the hospital after noon of the following day she was admitted. Marco made sure that she was cleared of all injury but for their safety they had to return to the secured estate.

"Selena, no need to start with work. The doctor said you have to take it easy and rest for at least a week." Marco instructed at her. He was aloof and guarded after his discussion with the doctor. Selena was wondering what could have triggered this behavior. They were fine that morning. Something was off and she feared that it had something to do with her past.

"Marco? Are we ok?" She cannot help but ask. She is worried that he will kill her or worse, leave her if they found out the truth about her.

Marco's face softened and he went to Selena and hugged her. He kissed the top of her head before he replied.

"Yes. We're ok. I just need to do something important. If you need me, just call ok?" He brushed the sides of her cheeks that made her close her eyes from the contact.

"Thank you for everything." Selena hugged him back then quickly kissed his lips. Marco was slow to react as he was not expecting that kiss. It was too quick but he still felt himself went rigid with want after that. He wanted to pull her closer again and continue what she started but he had some pressing matters to attend to. The sooner he knows the truth, the better.

"I'll be back to check on you later. Go to sleep. You need to rest." He smiled at her before he went out of her bedroom.


he was holding.

I had mixed feelings while watching the video. I was in awe of how precise she was of her driving. I found it astounding the way she knew when to speed up and when to slow down to get away from the pursuing cars. All her movements were calculated. Even the way she fooled the attackers of her intention of slowing down was impressive. The calculated distance when she reversed the car and shifted the gear to ram at the two cars was shocking. It was like she knew just how far to go to ensure their safety even if it looked like she was risking both their lives. I knew from that video that Selena is not just a photographer and a Landscape Architect and it scares the shit out of me who she would turn out to be.

I sighed and took a seat. Suddenly I felt weak. I kept on asking myself if I am willing to take this chance. Should I risk my life and the group's safety just to be with some woman? The answer is simple but knowing myself, never have I taken the simple way out.

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