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   Chapter 13 Doubts

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Marco picked the largest suite in the hospital so he can also rest while waiting for Selena to recover. He will make sure that he can stay there to look after her. He might have fallen asleep in the soft couch when he heard something crash. He pulled out his gun and was looking at where to point when he saw Selena lying on the bed looking dejectedly at the metallic pole holding her IV. He lowered his gun, returned it on its hidden holster and went to her. His eyes worried and searching for answers on what happened that caused her distress.

"Sorry to wake you up. I was trying to get up and go the bathroom. . . but I felt dizzy and then this stupid pole crashed to the floor when I almost lost my balance." He noticed that the heart rate monitor was already removed as well as the other equipment monitoring her. When he looked at the clock it was already past five in the morning. He must have slept all through the night. He checked the IV tube inserted on her hands and saw some blood mixed with the fluids. He pressed a button near her bed that will call for a nurse. As much as he'd like to accompany her to the bathroom, she might feel uncomfortable.

A nurse arrived after a few seconds. The hospital suite has its own nurse station just a few meters away.


"Check on her IV and she said she wanted to go to the bathroom."

The nurse nodded and Selena looked at them both gratefully. While the nurse was fixing her IV, he looked into her face. She seemed to still be in pain. Marco leaned closer and whispered to her.

"How are you feeling aside from the dizziness?" He felt her shiver with his whisper.

"My head still hurts. How long was I asleep?" She looked into Marco's eyes and she saw how worried he was. She felt guilty of having put them in such a dangerous situation.

"Since the accident. It's already five am now. I guess I also slept well even though I was not on medication." Marco smiled and Selena can't help but smile at him in return. He looked so handsome in his woke up like this look.


beside her. The bed is big like the rest of the room. She thought when she woke up that she's in a hotel and not in a hospital. Even if the bed was big, she still felt conscious that they were lying side by side facing each other.

"I was just joking Marco!" Selena tried to ignore Marco's gaze as she felt extremely shy with the intensity of his gaze.

"But I'm not."

"I. . . ah. . ."

"Speechless again? Let's go back to sleep before the doctor arrives. I'm here where you want me to be. I'm not going anywhere." He winked at her before pulling the blanket to cover them both and closed his eyes.

Selena can't help but be touched by Marco's gestures. He did not leave her side. It was evident as he was still wearing the same shirt he had on their date. She wanted to touch his face and ease the worries he saw there earlier when she was in pain.

She doesn't deserve to be treated this way like she was a fragile thing. She was not worthy of even a second glance from this man but still he took care of her without second thoughts. Selena knew that she have to do something about her past so that it won't catch up with her future. Marco is her future. Looking at this man beside her, lying next to him, she vowed that she would do everything she can to stay by his side, even if she had to fight the most treacherous demons of her past life.

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