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   Chapter 12 Addiction

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I almost went insane with worry when I felt her pale body limped on my arms. I willed myself to focus as my feelings were starting to addle up my thinking brain. This has never happened to me before. No matter how grave the situation is, I never lost focus, but now this brave crazy woman in my arms is causing havoc inside me.

"Brent, she lost consciousness. How far to the hospital?" I tried to remain calm but my voice betrayed me.

"Just 2 minutes tops boss. I'm on it." I know Brent understands the gravity of the situation since I was the one personally bringing an injured one to the hospital. I usually stay behind to settle the scores with our enemies. But that can wait. For now, I have to be sure of Selena's safety.

When we reached the hospital, staff and doctors were already waiting for us. Denaris may have called Dr. Stafford which was one of the Directors of the Divine Grace Hospital and our group's trusted doctor.

As soon as the car stopped, the guard opened the car's door. I immediately went out and transferred Selena on the waiting stretcher and they started wheeling her inside the ER. While I tried to follow suit, a nurse stopped me from advancing.

"Mr. Garcia, we will handle this from here. Just sign the forms on the desk over there and wait inside. How are you related to the patient? We may need to contact her next of kin."

"I'm her fiancé. She has no relatives here."

"Oh. . . Ah. . Dr. Stafford will personally attend to her and will update you on her condition." It did not escape my eyes the bewildered look on the nurse's face when I told her that the patient was my fiancee. Well, I was surprised myself but I had to tell her that so they won't question my plans of staying with her in the hospital.

I just nodded and continued to sign the forms. I wanted to write in the Patient Name section, Selena Rossi Garcia. Well, it sure has a nice ring to it. After that, I called Denaris for an update on our attackers.

"Denaris, any information that might tell us what they were after?" I was already on my way to the waiting area of the hospital where the Nurse told me to wait. The doctors are still checking on Selena.

["Marco, they're not talking yet. We brought them to our main warehouse and will let Vinny do the interrogation. How is Selena?"]

"She's still with the doctors. Thanks for calling the hospital befor

good. Thanks man. I am just distracted now if you know what I mean. Good thing you really think of everything."

If not for him, I will surely lose all composure as I am now losing my focus when it concerned Selena. Denaris, always managed to be one step ahead of everyone. He really is the most reliable second in command and friend.

["Remember that when you're trying to point a gun on my face."] He joked. There were times when their disagreement result to pointing a gun at each other, though they always manage to reconcile their differences. Denaris was the most logical person he knows. Always thinking about the consequences and the risks of any decision and action they will take. His advice never goes wrong.

"Fine! Call me if you need me." I ended the call and returned to the room.

My heart beats rapidly as I look at Selena's sleeping form. She looked peaceful. I gently stroked her cheeks with the back of my hand, wanting to feel her soft silky skin. It relaxes me to just look at her. Her face is perfect. I could just drown in her beauty. Her luscious lips were drawing me closer until I found myself wanting to kiss her. As I moved closer to her, I felt time stopped when I tasted her sweet lips. Her heart increased its beat as I heard the heart rate monitor's rapid beep and I wondered if she was awake. When I looked at her face, she still looked asleep. Kissing her unconscious body made me want her more. How am I supposed to let her go now that I am falling for her too fast and too deep? Could it be that my distraction has now been my greatest addiction?

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