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   Chapter 11 Distraction

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I fastened my seatbelt and looked at my victim, I mean passenger. He was sweating despite the cool air conditioning.

"Relax Marco. I know what I'm doing." With that, I shifted into gear and drove off, tires skidding as I throttle in full speed away from the restaurant. It was a good thing that we are near the highway. I can drive as fast as I want.

"Jesus Selena! Slow down!" I looked at Marco and he was gripping the door handle and his other hand was in the edge of his seat. I almost smiled at him looking all nervous and cranky at the same time.

"Shit! Look out! Look at the road!" I was so busy looking at him that we almost collided with an approaching SUV.

I veered swiftly to the right to avoid collision without decreasing my speed. This earned another curse from my boss.

"What the hell! Selena stop this car! You're not fit to drive!" He was starting to get furious but he agreed and my term was to let me drive however I want to.

"Nope! We had a deal. Suck it up and stick to it! And for the record, I am very fit to drive this car. More than you I'm sure!" I pressed the gas pedal and enjoyed the hum of the V8 engine as it glides freely in the highway. I just hope we don't run into speed patrols as it would spoil my fun.

We were almost 15 minutes into the highway when Marco started to relax to my impressive driving skills. But I saw something strange in the rearview mirror.

"Marco, I think a car is following us. Are they with you?" He peered back and looked alarmed when he saw the black car behind which was gaining speed.

"Shit! No they're not." He took his phone and dialed a number. "Where the hell are you! We are being followed! Shit! Hurry up! We are near. . .Napoli now. . . What?! Use the god damn tracker!"

I drove at the top speed making sure to put more distance between us and the trailing car. When we were at least 3 meters away, I saw another car in the distance with amazing speed that almost outrun us if I did not shifted gear and drove faster. They were flanking us. Both cars on our sides trying to bump us and smash us between them. But I was one of the best drag racers of our town for a reason, I managed to gain enough speed. I thought we were doing great when I heard some gunshots. They were freaking shooting at us!

"Marco! They're shooting at us! This is not my doing! I am not wrecking your car!" I know it's insane to think about that but I can't help it. I love this car the minute I set my eyes on it and I don't want this to get hit. I swerved left and right trying to avoid the bullets.

"Just drive! Don't worry about the car! This was coated to be bullet proof but not impact resistant so don't let us crash!"

"What?! You chose bullet proof coating from impact resistance?!

tell him I hurt my head unless needed. He might get into a fit since it was my genius idea to crash the two cars. After a few minutes, someone pulled the remains of the door on my side. I wonder how Marco got out of the car without me noticing. Well, I was almost unconscious by the time he got me out of the car. After a while, three or four vehicles arrived at the scene. I heard car doors opening and closing and hurried footsteps. There were other mutterings but my mind was attuned only to Marco's voice.

"Brent, to the hospital! She's hurt!" His movements were quick and deliberate. While barking orders to his men, I felt his hands firmly grip my arms as if willing me to stay awake.

"Denaris, you know what to do. Don't let them escape. I will handle them myself." His voice was menacingly cold. I better not cross this man, he sounded like he was ready to kill because of what happened to us. My head was throbbing with pain with every passing minute.

"Marco. . . sorry. . . for the car. . .I. . ." I felt him get us inside the waiting car.

"Shhh. It's fine. You were great but don't ever do that again. Please. . .I might not be killed with the crash but you'll get me killed with worry." He whispered in my ears softly. Maybe he knew that my head hurts just with the small noise I hear.

"My head. . . hurts. . ." I can't focus. I want to talk to him so I can hear his voice that anchors me to consciousness.

"You'll be fine. Don't sleep. We are near the hospital now." He keeps on rubbing my arms to keep me from drifting off.

As much as I would like to remain awake and stare at his Greek god inspired face with his worried and pained expression, I tethered on the edge of a dark abyss that was tempting me to concede and plunge into its depths. Eventually, I succumbed to its invitation and was enveloped in darkness.

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