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   Chapter 10 Maserati

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I know it was a very risky move on my part to assume that Marco was seriously interested in me and to tell him off, but I had to do it. I don't trust myself to reject him in the future if he will continue to shower me with his attention. I feel weak whenever I am near him and weakness is the one thing that I cannot afford. Once, my weakness almost cost me my life. That is enough and I will never repeat that same mistake again.

It may have been fate that brought us together. I thought that staying with him would give me a reason to keep going. That was why I accepted his job offer, as a diversion. But seeing how he looks at me like I am some fragile thing to care for makes my stomach churn with unease. For I know that deep inside I am not a damsel that he thinks I am. Undoubtedly, I want him but a part of me wants to stay away from him.

"Do you mean to tell me why?" I saw his expression shift from surprise to annoyance to determination. I can't blame him. Even I am annoyed at myself.

"I don't really mix business with pleasure. I merely accepted this invitation as a sign of respect to my employer and savior. You did save me and I will be eternally grateful." Nice try Selena! Convince yourself more so you can also convince Marco. He reached out and caressed my cheeks gently with his graceful fingers. His touch moved downwards to the outline of my jaws and to the sides of my neck. My traitorous body shivered in response. When he was about to reach the valley between my exposed chest, I held my breath.

"See what my touch can do to you?" I was not even aware he shifted beside me and was whispering closely to me. He made me gasp as he softly blew a hot breath inside my ears as he whispered to me a compromis

up to face me. With my high heels, our noses were almost touching despite his six foot height.

"Come on." He led me out to the valet where his car awaits. He signaled the valet attendant to hand him the keys instead of leaving it inside the car.

"Selena, here are the keys." I was about to reach it when he moved the keys behind his back, making me reach for it with both hands. I blushed when I realized I am touching his firm butt as I tried to wrestle the keys from his hold.

"Selena. Don't make me crazier than I already am. Do not wreck my car. Not even a single scratch or else the punishment will be something you have never experienced before." I sensed something pernicious from his eyes.

"Don't worry. I got your back." I smiled at him and moved closer so that our bodies are molded together, almost feeling every hard muscle on his body. I got hold of the keys and he lead me to the driver's side. As the gentleman that he is, he waited for me to get in before he moved to the passenger side. I was smiling like a lunatic. This is my first time to drive a Maserati and I will make sure this is something that both of us will never forget.

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