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   Chapter 9 Compromise

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Is he bipolar? He looked irritated when he left my room then after a few minutes he'll send me a message about a date?

M: We'll be dining out tonight. Wear something special. I'll see you at 7 pm.

Was he even inviting me for a date when he told me that he would see me for Dinner? I thought he was just stating a fact since normally, people really do eat dinner. I guess I don't have a choice but to ask.

S: Is this a date?

M: No.

That was quick. But after 2 seconds, I received another response.

M: Yes

It really confirms my suspicion that he is bipolar. I was not planning on replying when another message appeared on my new cellphone's screen.

M: Is there a problem if this is a date?

I intended to wait for another minute before I respond. I wanted to keep him waiting.

M: Selena. I gave that phone to you for a reason. Make sure you respond to me on a timely manner.

I can't help but smile at myself for riling him up. I am sure he's irritated for being ignored. I just hope I can see his face right now. I find him attractive when he's angry.

S: I was doing something. Nope. No problem with the "date" thing. Just hoped you could have asked earlier and not just informed me about it.

M: If it really makes a difference, I'll keep that in mind for next time.

S: Confident aren't we?

M: Just wait and see.

S: Looking forward to it. See you later!

I hope that last message will compensate for making him mad. I started to prepare for the next few hours until our "date". I still have to contact my suppliers for Marco's garden. I have to make sure this project turns out perfectly.

Though I have never dated any of my clients before, I had a fair deal of offers from them. I don't mix business with pleasure but this time I just couldn't resist. I am playing on dangerous ground as I am sure Marco and his men are types of people no one ever wants to cross, but I am already in too deep. No turning back now. I just have to enjoy my time with Marco up until we have to part ways.

I returned to my room around 5:30 pm to prepare for dinner. When I entered the room, I was confused with the contents of the two boxes on top of the bed. I opened both boxes and can't help but form a devious plan in my mind. I will make sure I put these items to good use tonight and Marco will regret having chosen this particular dress for me.

I prepared for everything that could possibly happen tonight. I took my time cleaning and pampering myself with attention to some details that need to be shaved clean. I keep on scolding myself that this was just a dinner date but I can't help but be extra prepared. I kept my chestnut brown and curly hair down in contrast with the cream latex figure hugging knee length dress that emphasized all my curves. The dress was skintight but I managed to fit on it perfectly except for my boobs that were peeking out all too excitedly. I opted for a natural look when donning my make up. The silver high heels and purse was also suited for the outfit.

sed with her food choices. This girl has appetite.

"Her order and the usual for me." I said to the server without averting my gaze from Selena.

"Yes sir." The waitress left our table and we were both silent for a while. I can't help but appreciate the gorgeous specimen in front of me.

"Selena. Tell me something about yourself."

"What do you want to know?"

"Anything. Random stuff. Humor me." She looked nervous. She was fiddling with the corner of her table napkin.

"Well, I am the youngest in our family. I have two brothers who took care of me when my parents died from an accident." She looked crestfallen when she mentioned her parents so I moved closer to her and took her hands. My sweet gesture was rewarded by a sweet smile.

"Don't worry that was a few years ago. . .My favorite color is blue. I love Mexican food. I am an awful cook but I know how to mix drinks. . . cocktails that is. I don't know what else to tell you."

"You have this thing for hot cars. . .you are a Photographer and a Landscape Architect. You look really hot in that dress and you make me want to know you more." I saw the change in her expression as if she was anticipating for something to happen. I reached out and caressed her right cheek making sure my thumb gently grazes her bottom lip. I distinctly heard her breath hitch with the contact.

"I'd like to know you more too. . ." She replied softly though I can sense something edgy on her voice and she cannot look directly in my eyes. It was like she was debating whether to tell me something or not.

"Is there a but somewhere?" She frowned and slightly moved away from my touch.

"But I think it is better if we just keep our relationship platonic or better yet strictly business. This is for the best." If I heard her correctly, it was like she wanted me to stop my advances on her before it even begun.

I really am in deep shit if this is true that I, Marco Garcia was being shunned on a first date with the first woman I ever asked to go out with.

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