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   Chapter 8 First Date

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Selena will be giving the aesthetic and functional design proposals for the Garden. Marco had to approve them first before they can start with the landscape but he was busy for the past two days and was not able to return to the estate. They already agreed and signed an agreement and the rules of the estate have been discussed.

Marco returned early to meet with Selena. He went to her room and found its door slightly opened. He was about to knock when he heard her talking to someone probably on the phone.

"Io so quello che sto facendo. Non è sicuro di discutere di questo qui. Call me usando una linea sicura o meglio ancora aspettare fino al mio ritorno. Non mettano a rischio quello che abbiamo già iniziato."

{I know what I am doing. It is not safe to discuss this here. Call me using a secure line or better yet wait until my return. Do not jeopardize what we already started.}

He waited until the conversation was over then he went inside.

"Selena, Con chi stavi parlando?"

{Who were you talking to?}

"Hey Marco! I was just talking to my brother. Do you need anything?" Marco expected her to be nervous for being caught but she wasn't. She was calm and collected when she answered his question.

"About your designs, I can see them now." He went straight to the small receiving area inside the spacious room where he saw her MacBook laptop that contains her work.

"I didn't know you speak Italian." She asked, hoping to start a conversation. She wondered why Marco seemed serious all of a sudden. He seemed aloof and guarded.

"I don't usually announce that I can speak nine languages." He was still serious but was not able to stop himself from smiling when he saw her jaw open and close as if wanting to speak but don't know what to say.

"Wow! Really?! You're a genius then. I can only speak Italian and English and that is just because it was required in school." She smiled at him then remembered about the designs. She took the laptop that Marco an

nking. She seemed uninterested."

"Just send her a dress for tonight then tell her you'll be dining out. Maybe she thought that dinner with you was a normal thing at the house. You did tell her that you will be going out right?"

If Marco was not a dangerous man, Denaris would have laughed at his expression. He looked like he just had an important realization. He was really new with the date thing. Marco never asks for a date. He is flocked by women even when he was still in California, he was a playboy. He never took anyone seriously. Everyone was just for his pleasure.

"You think?" Now Marco looked like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

"I'm sure. Stop smiling. I am beginning to doubt your talents with women. Don't worry too much about Selena. It looks like she is in to you too."

"Well, I'll be damned if she's not." He took out his phone and sent Selena a message.

We'll be dining out tonight. Wear something special. I'll see you at 7 pm.

"Brent, ask someone from the club to purchase a dress for Selena. Make sure it's not slutty. Bring it to her before five pm." He instructed Brent on the phone.

"You're whipped man. I think you're in deep shit." Denaris was shaking his head at his friend.

"Shut up! I've never been whipped and will never be."

"Let's see about that."

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