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   Chapter 7 Dilemma

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I hate to do this to her but there is no other way. She is a threat to me and to our group. Her presence alone is dangerous for me. We had to make sure she is not planted here by our enemies or worse, cops.

"Selena, Denaris and I have some questions which we need you to answer honestly. Be warned that we will know lies from truth. We don't mean to scare you but this is needed. You have been involved with us just by spending a night with me."

"But I was not even aware that I am with you." She looked worried. I just hope she is worrying not for the bad reasons.

"Why were you out last night and what were you running from?" Denaris intended to rattle her to see if she will give in and admit something to us. It's in his nature to be wary of everyone. It's his job to ensure that I am protected and for him, Selena is the biggest threat I will ever face.

She was quiet for a while thinking on how to respond or perhaps too scared to remember what happened to her last night.

"I was out late with my best friend and her new boyfriend. We were out drinking and having fun. But my best friend got drunk so they had to go home. I was left alone at the bar. I was kind of tipsy with all the tequila I had when this guy approached me. He was trying to talk to me but I wanted to go home. He was insistent that I drink with him but I refused, I don't know him. . ."

She was in verge of tears. I wanted to comfort her but I stood my ground. Denaris will be the one to decide if she is stating facts or lies.

"While I was on my phone trying to call a cab, he might have put something on the glass of water the bartender gave me. I might have been lucky I just drank half of it. I was starting to feel dizzy but I did not let myself pass out with him around. . ."

I wanted to punch the face of that maniac until his eyes bleeds so he cannot look or get near Se

r heart.

"Can you take up our offer?" I can't believe I am getting nervous for this.

"What?" She smiled and wiped her tears.

"Will you. . .fix our garden? But you have to stay here to do that. We can't have you going in and out of the estate during your work. And you can't hire anyone else to help you. I can just assign some of my men to work for you." I might have said that too fast. I was out of breath when I finished and she ended up laughing at me. God, I love her laugh. It was like music to my ears.

"Of course. I will even do it for free."

"Really? I mean, not the free part. . .You will be compensated for your work. I am just. . . ah. . .pleased that you agreed." If my men could see me sweating like crazy just for a simple offer like this, they would taunt me forever for this.

"So, when do we start? I mean, when do I start?" She was still smiling at me with her pearly white teeth. I love her smile, it reaches her eyes. Not everyone could smile like that.

"Now?" I figured I was still holding her hands when gently freed them and she stretched her arm as if offering me a handshake.

"I am pleased to start business with you Sir."

I took her hands and entwined it with mine.

"First rule. Never call me Sir."

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