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   Chapter 6 Interview

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Marco handed me a bag of clothes. His endearing and heart-stopping smile did not help my wayward heart. It's erratic beating never faltered every time I looked at him at it made me feel weak.

It was a wrong move for me to have looked into his deep blue eyes and appreciate his perfectly sculpted face that will make every Greek God insecure about their appearance. I have never seen a more handsome man than him. And I have seen many men in my entire life to not have any comparison.

He smells nice too. I think his smell and enticing gaze might have caused me a dizzy spell.

"Are you ok? You look as if you were about to faint." He took my hands and pulled me again towards him. It didn't help me since he was the one causing it. But I let him hold me in his arms.

"I'm fine. " I didn't want that moment to end, the way he held me like I was a fragile thing made me feel like I was special.

"Selena. . ."

Another knock on the door.

"Damn! Can't they wait until I go down!" His voice seemed mad but he did not stop stroking my hair. I almost jumped out of my skin when he whispered in my ears.

"Go shower and dress. There's towel in the closet. I will come back here for you then we will have breakfast."

I was not aware I was hugging him but I felt him gently free himself from me and took his leave.

I was attracted to him at first sight. This should not have happened. I walked towards the bathroom. I have not even appreciated the beauty and elegance of the room because of his

I was seated on his left while the other man was seated on his right.

"Selena, this is Denaris Morelli. Denaris, Selena Rossi."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance Selena." He earned a warning side-glance from Marco.

"This is the rest of our group. Brent, Ian, Donny, Al, Vinny. . . " He mentioned all their names but I got lost along the way. I was never good with names. I just smiled at each of them as their names were introduced.

"Now that we are all acquainted, let's eat."

French toast, Ham, Eggs, Cereals, Salad and various cheeses. There was also rice, some spicy looking dishes and noodles. It was like eating breakfast in a buffet. I guess if they all have to eat what they wanted, then variety is essential. I opted to eat ham and toast while for Marco, ham, eggs and toast.

When the men finished eating, they excused themselves from the table. When Marco, Denaris and myself were left, my hunch told me that I would be in some kind of interrogation. And my hunch was never wrong.

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