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   Chapter 5 At First Sight

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Being a Boss is exhausting yet fulfilling. I was never a vengeful person but I learned that when you do something you have to do it with care and passion, otherwise, you shouldn't have started doing it at all.

Being in the Mafia made me care about everyone in the group. How they looked up to my Uncle and me was admirable. Their fierce loyalty and respect. It was not easy to earn their trust, I had to fight with my tooth and nail just to get them to trust me. I get it. They are entrusting not just their lives but their future and families. That was why I needed to step up ahead of everyone else. To protect them is my vision even if it involves hurting others just to do that job.

As I took over the group, we tried to stay low and avoid any fights. But if it can't be avoided, we can't show any mercy to our opponents. I learned to be tough. If I had known then that my weakness was just inside the guest room, I shouldn't have been eager to meet her.

"How is she?" Seeing her in that bed, all pale and beautiful made me walk towards her.

"She's under shock. She might have seen or witnessed something to make her distressed. There is no sign that she bumped her head or any fractures to imply that she was hit by your car."

"Thank you Dr. Stafford."

When the doctor left, I approached her, utterly mesmerized by her beauty. I can't control my hands as it strokes her curly and silky chestnut brown hair that framed her face.

I guess I slept beside her. When I woke up the next morning, I saw her peacefully sleeping. Waking up was like heaven next to her perfect heart shaped face, her languid eyelashes of velvet black, her elegant nose, luminous skin and inviting pink lips. I wondered how her lips would feel against mine. I was about to try. I closed my eyes as if under a spell, slowly lowered my face towards her until I smell her breath when a piercing scream and blow to my face brought me back to reality.

"AaaaaaaahhhhhH!!!! Who are you! What are you trying to do to me!?"For a moment I thought she was cowering in fear but when I looked again, she was holding a vase ready to strike at me again. I was still feeling my cheeks from her good punch. I wonder if it was her right or left hand. I shouldn't have closed my eyes.

"Damn! That hurts. I was just. . ." Well, how was I supposed to tell her that I was about to taste her inviting lips?

"Don't go near me! I swear I will break your skull!" She was backing away then stepping forward. Any other time than this, I might find her graceful. She looked like she was dancing. That punch may have given me more delusions that I can bear.

"Relax. I don't mean to scare you. I was just trying to see if you were awake." Lame Marco. You are so lame.

"Just please, let go of that vase. . . . Wait no!" She threw the vase at me. It was a good thing I remembered to duck.

"I said let go not throw!" By that time, she was looking for another object to hurl towards me so I did what was necessary. I lunge at her and firmly took both her arms and wound it around her back to keep her from moving. I made sure that it wouldn't hurt her.

"Let go! Just let go of me! You maniac!"

That word just pierced my ego a little. If I were a maniac

I would have ravished her delicate curves the moment I woke up beside her, but of course I did not tell her that.

"I am not a maniac and I will not let go until you calm down." Or I can just hold her forever, as I smell her vanilla scented hair.

She might have figured I smelled her as she bashed her head backwards and almost broke my nose. Fierce damn woman!

"Shit! My nose!" I did not let go of her arms even if I was in verge of tears because of that hard head of hers. I held her closely, moved her closer to the bed, pushed her and pinned her there.

Well, I guess the position we were in did not grant me a better impression from her. I was on top of her and it was pure torture seeing her angry and reddened face with her emerald green eyes looking at me with fury.

"Miss, just relax. I promise I won't hurt you. . . Just calm down. . .and listen." Looking directly into her eyes was like looking in an endless green sea. It made me want to look at her more. It was relaxing and peaceful. I almost forgot what I was trying to tell her.

"Go on. I'll listen." She relaxed a little. Perhaps she heard the change in my voice and the rapid beating of my heart.

"We found you last night. You crossed the street and were almost hit by my car. You lost consciousness that's why we brought you here." My gaze on her eyes and face never faltered. I was still pinning her on the bed, half of my body was on top of her, feeling the soft curves of her breast. My hands were still holding her arms. I can let go but didn't want to. It was like my whole being was waiting for her response.

"Who are you?" My heart almost got out of my chest with her voice. It was endearingly sweet.

"Marco Garcia. And you are?"

"Selena Rossi. And I really think you are heavy." She smiled with her pearly white and perfect teeth. This is bad for me. I am losing myself just seeing her smile.

"I won't say sorry but here, let's get up." I released her hands without averting my gaze from her, got out of the bed still facing her and pulled her up towards me. I may have pulled too hard as her body pressed into mine, closer and more intimate than before. I noticed that she's tall. Her tall height and body fits mine perfectly.

"Thanks for helping me." She said while biting her lower lips as she looked into my eyes. The gesture almost brought me to the edge. I could have kissed her then if not for the incessant knocking on the door.

"Won't you get that?" She started to gently push me away and I didn't have a choice but to release her and walk towards the door.

"I will. . . and I will kill whoever is behind that door." I made sure she didn't hear the killing part.

"You better make sure this is important Brent!" I barked.

"Boss, Denaris wanted me to bring this here. He also said that breakfast is served.

I checked the contents of the bag Brent handed to me and found woman's clothes. I wasn't able to turn my eyes away from the red lacy undergarments inside. I imagined how that would look in contrast to her flawless and pale skin.

"Marco? What's that?" I looked at her and smiled. I love how my name sounds from her mouth. I will make it my life's mission to make her say my name over and over again.

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