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   Chapter 4 Meeting

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Growing up, Marco always wondered why he had to undergo various martial arts training, archery and firing range training. He is a black belter in Jujutsu, Capoeira and Taekwondo. He is also a sharp shooter and doesn't miss a shot even on an indoor and outdoor range of 1, 200 yards. Now that he inherited his uncle's organization, he can put everything he learned into good use.

"Marco, you will be trained by Denaris. He is my underboss and right hand man. You can retain his position or choose a new second in command but I encourage you to try and test him first. He is very fierce but also very loyal."

"Yes Uncle. I understand."

As Marco waits for Denaris in the dimly lit room, he pondered how he could lead an army of men he just met. Deep in thought, he did not notice the man that sneaked behind his back and tried to strangle him with a rope.

Marco's various self-defense training was put to good use. He held the man's arms and pushed them away from his neck. He did a double sidestep then slammed his head on his opponent to loosen its hold. He elbowed the man in the ribs, his right leg kicked fast and hard as the man lost its balance. Marco faced his attacker and was about to lunge at him when he clapped his hands.

"You had a good training. I'm Denaris. Pleased to meet my new boss." He stood up and bowed as a sign of courtesy.

"You were testing me."

"I need to know your strengths and weaknesses. It's a good thing you are strong enough and fast enough for the role you have to fill in."

"I know enough to keep me alive."

"Yes. But now you have to be the best to earn the respect of everyone else. They may have accepted you but you haven't earned their trust. For them, you were just lucky to be the next in line."

"I didn't sign up for this. I don't know anything about being in this organization."

"That's why you need to listen to me until you have learned everything you need to know."

It was evident from the way Denaris looked at Marco that he will not be easy on the training. But being the fighter that he is, Marco will not back down. He will accept his fate even if he had to live a different life.

"Let's start then."

With a firm resolve, they started his training. Denaris was a tough man to beat, he withstand every punch and blow, every kick and assault Marco gave him. The training is not all about shooting or fighting. It also involved how to run the Organization's various businesses. It was an advantage that he is already an established Businessman on his own. With his knowledge on how to lead and manage, he knew he could do just about anything that needs to be done.

Three months of training and familiarizing himself with the business, he secured the trust and confidence of the whole organization. He now leads an army of hundreds of men together with the businesses he already have and the companies related to their group. His net worth increased from Millions to Billions in just a span of months.

Two and a half years later, he was al

ready an established and accomplished leader of the biggest organization in Italy.

"Boss, we had a problem at the warehouse. Dimitri's men tried to ransack our operations. The goods that were due to be delivered next week were destroyed. I am sure the buyer will be furious if we can't give the items on time. He already paid half."

"Call the buyer, tell him we need another week. If he doesn't oblige give him 10% discount on his next transaction. If he will still be unconvinced, just return his payment. We don't need an angry client."

"Yes Boss."

"Denaris, arrange a group to go with us. We need to teach that Dimitri a lesson he won't forget."

Marco was not a violent man. He learned from his past that violence should be avoided at all cost. But he also has a group to lead and a set of rules to abide.

Their Range Rover came to a halt when a woman suddenly crossed the street.

"Damn! Check if she's hit."

"Right away Boss."

Two of his highest ranks Dustin and Hoff checked the woman.

"Boss, she's unconscious but she's got a strong pulse."

Exasperated with the turn of events, he got off the vehicle to look at the casualty. What he saw made his heart skip a beat. He carefully approached the woman. He touched her wrist to check for a pulse though he already knew that it was strong. He just could not resist touching her pale and silky smooth skin. He would have held her hand if not for the men around. He knew what he had to do. He carried her like a groom does for a bride and barked another order.

"We have to proceed. Brent, take her to the estate. Call Dr. Stafford to check on her. Do not let her leave until I arrive." He transferred the unconscious woman in the third vehicle as he ordered the three men to move to the other cars.

"Yes Boss. "

It did not escape's Brent's eyes that the Boss touched the woman's cheeks before he closed the door and signaled him to get in the Driver's seat.

"Now. Let's get this over with." Marco took his seat and moved towards another battle but somehow, his mind keeps on drifting back to that face. She looked like a stranger but he felt like he knows her.

"This is bad Marco." Denaris was shaking his head as he looked at his new boss and friend.


"You have a thing for that damsel."

"I don't even know her."

"Exactly. That's why this is bad. She might be a spy. Or worse, she might have been sent to kill you."

"Then I have to give her credit for trying. Though I am sure she will not succeed. That's why you are here."

"You know I got your back, but if you are alone with her I don't think you would survive."

"For such a big man you do talk a lot."

"Just a warning my friend. Don't ever let your guard down. Just a simple mistake will cost you your life. This business has its perks and dangers. You haven't been exposed to any deceit and plots. Just be careful."

"I will. Now, let's go get those bastards!"

Marco's group again proved that they are still the best mob in California.

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