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   Chapter 3 Training

The Mafia Lies By makrisorpilla Characters: 2012

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:04

"Gather everyone. I have an announcement to make."

Though I didn't understand at that time what was happening, I calmly waited for my uncle who I never knew I even had until this day, gather all his employees.

I have never seen an organization like this. They were all wearing black suits with complete coat and tie ensemble. Body building and gun shooting may have been their past time basing on how buff they look and the guns that they were holding whenever they thought I was not looking. They look like stars of a yakuza movie.

When my mother introduced me to my Uncle Dencio this morning, I was surprised on how much we look alike. It turned out that he was my mother's twin brother. They parted ways after my parent's wedding for reasons still unknown to me.

We arrived in Italy after my uncle sent an invitation to my parents for a long awaited reunion. I am old enough to figure out that my uncle is a frail man. His illness, stage 4-lung cancer and was given only a few months to live

. After a closed-door discussion with my parents, I was told that I do not have a choice but to accept my Uncle's announcement. This is my family's legacy as per my mother.

"You very well know, that I am dying."

It was evident on the way he speaks that he is hurting. His cough was also prominent and pitiful.

"Before I go and meet whoever it is I will meet in the afterlife, I want to introduce all of you to my successor and heir. My nephew, Marco Garcia."

When I heard the announcement, I was shocked by how well the employees accepted the old man's words. They respect him too much to complain or question him.

"Marco, you need to stay here for your training. This organization will need your leadership but before that you have to be worthy to be part of the group."

I almost dropped out of my seat when they shouted.

"Boss Marco, we are ready to serve. All hail our new Leader!"

And then my mother approached me.

"Marco, you have just inherited a Sicilian Mafia Mob."

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