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   Chapter 113 NO.113

Heart of Magic By ImperialSun Characters: 1218

Updated: 2018-01-16 21:41

My face flushed as Olivia leaned back against my chest and closed her eyes.

"Is she too heavy or something?" Alex asked. "I can serve as her pillow instead."

"I'm not serving as he pillow, " I spat. "Plus, you wouldn't make a good one, you're a twig."

He narrowed his eyes. "Then don't lean on my shoulder when you're sleeping next time."

"I wasn't thin

own!" Isabelle said. "My back is plenty soft."

"True, " I said, putting Olivia down and leaning against it myself. "It feels like a nice and fluffy bed."

"It... does?" Isabelle stuttered.

Thalia sighed. "All of you are incredible."

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