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   Chapter 64 NO.64

Heart of Magic By ImperialSun Characters: 1346

Updated: 2018-01-16 20:01

"If that's the only way then yes. I will continue to look for one, though."

Jason flashed me a radiant smile.

"You sure are a nice person."

My face flushed.

"What does that have to do with anything."

He chuckled and glanced over at the incoming taxi.

His warm hand wrapped around mine.

"Let's go."

"Al... alright."


"This is so exciting!" Elliot exclaimed, hugging Alex.

d!" I yelled, face bright red.

My childhood friend snickered. "You sure haven't changed."

I couldn't help but smile. Jason was never one to criticize.

Honestly, it was kind of creepy how perfect he was.

Was he hiding something behind that dashing smile?

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