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   Chapter 28 NO.28

Heart of Magic By ImperialSun Characters: 1329

Updated: 2018-01-16 18:44

"Tell me what you're hiding, " Elliot said.

His eyes were cold and unyielding.

I smiled nervously.

"Whatever do you mean? What would I hide?"

He crossed his arms.

"Listen, I can tell that you're hiding something. If you don't spill then I'll reveal your perverted ways."

My face flushed as I recalled our earlier interaction.

"Sorry. I really didn't mean to see you."

His fac

He summoned a green veil and held it out to me.

"Take this, it should heal you."

I snatched the liquid.

It smelled too strong.

"What is this?"

"It's made out of Heaven Lotus mixed with Dry Analeo."

Wait, those plants weren't from this world...

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